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adidas Originals teams up with Bollywood Superstar Ranveer Singh to launch a New Campaign



“We Gave the World an Original. You Gave Us a Thousand Back.”

~Celebrates three iconic silhouettes from the Three Stripe archive- the Superstar, the Gazelle, and the Samba

~The global campaign also features a line-up of Original Icons including Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Run DMC, Pusha T and more

India, 26th September 2023 – adidas Originals, the pioneering sportswear brand for the streets launches a new campaign that cements the Trefoil as a cultural pioneer by teaming up with Bollywood Superstar and Cultural icon Ranveer Singh. Since it was first introduced to the world over 50 years ago, the Trefoil has lived a thousand lifetimes, trading feet with everyone, from athletes to cultural pioneers. Marking the arrival of a new era for the brand, in 2023, adidas Originals pays homage to those that have continued to transport its iconic signifier – the Trefoil – to the forefront of culture, over and over again, with a new global brand platform: “We Gave the World an Original. You Gave Us a Thousand Back.”

From sport to skate, music, and fashion, Originals have always stood the test of time. Against the backdrop of three timeless ‘characters’ from the storied Three Stripes archive – the Superstar, the Gazelle, and the Samba, each of the three main global campaign films spotlights a different silhouette, as the narratives of the Trefoil’s history are interwoven with the ways in which these iconic styles, born in sport, have been embraced, reinterpreted, and absorbed into culture – time and time again. Featuring partners, collaborators, and friends of the brand that have helped to tell the story of the Trefoil the world over, superstar Ranveer Singh leads the campaign narrative for India alongside global counterparts Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Jenna Ortega, Pusha T to name a few.

The film opens with superstar Ranveer Singh in a reflective mood as he says, “As far back as I remember, I have always wanted to be an actor”. This sets the tone for a heartfelt exploration of his journey of becoming an actor, and how the three stripes have always been a part of this journey. As he recollects nostalgic moments and shares his candid thoughts, he also emphasizes the importance of staying connected to one’s roots and never losing sight of where he came from, of always being an original. Through intimate camerawork that focuses on interesting techniques including fluid cinematography, movement and close-up shots, the narrative takes viewers up-close and personal with superstar Ranveer on his journey of truly becoming an Original.

Three Stripes. Three signature icons. Three films. A thousand Originals.

The latest adidas Originals brand campaign is a collection of timeless stories; retold for tomorrow.

About adidas Originals:
Inspired by the rich sporting heritage of adidas – one of the world’s leading sports brands and a global designer and developer of athletic footwear and apparel – adidas Originals is a lifestyle brand founded in 2001. With the adidas archive at its foundation, adidas Originals continues to evolve the brand’s legacy through its commitment to product innovation and its ability to filter the creativity and courage found on courts and sporting arenas through the lens of contemporary youth-culture. Marked by the iconic Trefoil logo that was first used in 1972 and championed by those that continue to shape and define creative culture, adidas Originals continues to lead the way as the pioneering sportswear brand for the street.

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