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Unlocking the Art of Creating a Beloved Brand: Canesten®’s Journey to Trust and Connection in India’s Antifungal Market




In the highly competitive and ever-evolving world of business, creating a beloved brand is an art that goes beyond just selling products or services. A beloved brand is one that evokes emotions, builds trust, and fosters a deep connection with its audience. It is not only recognized for its offerings but also revered for the values and experiences it brings to people’s lives. So, what are the key mantras that can help businesses transform their brands into beloved ones? In the relaunch of Canesten® in India, Bayer Consumer Health demonstrated several key mantras that contributed to creating a beloved brand in the antifungal market. Let’s explore these essential principles in detail.

1. Authenticity: Canesten’s relaunch campaign focused on addressing the real discomfort and embarrassment faced by young women due to skin fungal issues. By acknowledging these issues and offering effective solutions, Canesten showcased its authenticity and commitment to addressing consumers’ actual needs.

2. Consumer-Centricity: The relaunch campaign was specifically targeted at young women who lead active lifestyles in India’s hot and humid weather. Canesten® understood its target audience’s unique challenges and pain points, ensuring that its communication resonated with them effectively.

3. Purpose-Driven: Canesten’s mission was to empower women to get rid of skin fungal issues and regain confidence. By providing expert 5-in-1 antifungal powder, Canesten® offered a solution that went beyond profit and aimed to improve women’s lives.

4. Emotional Branding: The ‘Dimag lagao, Rash pe Canesten lagao’ campaign struck a chord with young women by using a quirky and fun approach to address a topic that was often ignored. The emotional connection created through humor and relatable content fostered a deeper bond between Canesten® and its audience.

5. Engaging Experiences: Canesten® organized the ‘Pudcha Paul’ Consumer education/awareness event in Maharashtra, where over 1000 women attended. This event offered engaging experiences and educational sessions that empowered women with knowledge on personal hygiene, women empowerment, and personal growth.

6. Active Listening: Canesten® actively listened to its consumers through a skin survey commissioned in 2022. The survey helped the brand understand the discomfort young women experienced and the ineffective solutions they were using, leading to a more targeted and relevant relaunch strategy.

By employing these key mantras in the Canesten® relaunch, Bayer Consumer Health successfully transformed Canesten® into a beloved brand in India. The brand’s authenticity, customer-centric approach, purpose-driven mission, emotional branding, engaging experiences, and active listening not only connected with consumers but also inspired loyalty and advocacy, making Canesten® the trusted choice for women seeking relief from skin fungal issues.

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