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Museum of Solutions and The Whole Truth Foods announce 2nd edition of the ‘Food & Beverage Investigator’ Programme



Aims to empower 1000 city kids to decipher food marketing lies in packaged snacks

Mumbai– 17 May 2024: Museum of Solutions, the unique children’s museum in Mumbai, is excited to announce the second edition of the interactive ‘Food and Beverage Investigator’ Programme. This unique initiative aims to create awareness among children about junk food and food marketing lies. The programme takes children through an experiential learning journey to make them ‘food aware.’

Children get the opportunity to learn and practice four rules that will make them conscious of the food they eat and empower them to make better choices. The second edition will be organised on May 26th, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Museum of Solutions in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The inaugural programme was attended by an enthusiastic bunch of children from schools like Dhirubai Ambani International, Ascend International, and Vibgyor. The second edition will aim to further spread the message of identifying food that is good for one’s health. This initiative will be hosted by Shashank Mehta, Founder of The Whole Truth Foods, and is open to children in the age group of 7 to 12 years.

Abhik Bhattacherji, Director Marketing of Museum of Solutions expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming programme, and said, “We are delighted to collaborate with The Whole Truth Foods for the second edition of the ‘Food and Beverage Investigator’ programme.’ By combining hands-on interactive experiences with valuable nutritional insights, we aim to foster a healthier generation through education and practical engagement. At the Museum of Solutions, we are committed to promoting awareness about health and wellness among children, and this programme aligns with our mission.”

Shashank Mehta, Founder and CEO of The Whole Truth Foods, shared his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We think kids will change the world of food for the better. And we want them to have all the knowledge they need. So we intend to teach 1000 kids, the rules of choosing clean food and telling marketing lies, over the next year. This will equip kids to be the influencers in their own homes and schools– everyone will eat clean, and this will be led by kids!”

Central to the ‘Food and Beverage Investigator’ Programme’s curriculum is the concept of “clean eating” – a philosophy championed by The Whole Truth Foods that emphasizes the importance of consuming whole, minimally processed foods free from artificial additives and preservatives. Children will learn how to decipher ingredient labels, identify chemicals in packaged foods, and will be given the responsibility to investigate the packaged food. Children will come out of this programme having passed the 4 levels and graduating as ‘Food and Beverage Investigators’!

Through a combination of interactive activities, engaging discussions, and hands-on demonstrations, the ‘Food and Beverage Investigator’ Programme promises to be an enlightening and enjoyable experience for children and parents alike.

Only 25 seats are available for the ‘Food and Beverage Investigator’ Programme, so interested individuals are encouraged to register early to secure their place through the Museum’s digital platform For any further queries, kindly mail us on

Tickets are priced at Rs 1,199 for one child and one parent

About MuSo: The Museum of Solutions (MuSo) is a state-of-the-art, world-class children’s museum dedicated to inspiring, enabling, and empowering children to make meaningful change in the world, together, today. MuSo’s exhibits and programme explore a variety of topics including climate change, poverty, inequality etc. through hands-on, immersive, and playful learning methods. Based in Mumbai’s bustling commercial Lower Parel district, it features multiple exhibitions, activities, engagements, and learning experiences for children from the age of 3+ (along with accompanying adults). The building spans 100,000 square feet. MuSo’s innovative approach to education through hands-on exploration and playful learning methods promises a fun and enriching experience for every child and their family. At MuSo, parents reconnect with their inner child through seeing kids play, discover, make, explore, and learn. Children can show you how to change the world and make you a better change agent too. Visit for further details on tickets, events, and programs.

About The Whole Truth Foods: The Whole Truth (TWT) is India’s first and only 100% clean label brand. They create food so clean, that they list each and every ingredient that goes into it, upfront (not hidden at the back in microscopic font). Brands hide what goes into their food because they have something to hide. In the name of ‘healthy,’ we’re all being sold a bunch of self-serving half-truths by food brands all around us. TWT plans to change that. And they’re going to do this by telling The Whole Truth. Warts n’all. The 5-6 ingredients listed on the front of their packs are the only things that go into their food. Anything else is a strict no. No added sugar, no chemicals, no sweeteners, no hiding, no bullsh*t. Just a handful of simple, natural ingredients your mom would approve of.

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