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Jackie Shroff moves court to trademark ‘Bhidu’ persona  



Jackie Shroff

Renowned Bollywood legend Jackie Shroff, celebrated for his inimitable style and charm, is stepping up to defend his public image. Today, the esteemed actor lodged a petition with the Delhi High Court, aiming to break the unauthorized utilization of his name, eponymous nicknames like “Bhidu,” photographs, voice, and even his signature mannerisms. This proactive move reflects the growing concerns surrounding celebrity rights in the digital era. 

Fans who delight in imitating Jackie’s distinctive persona may soon need to seek alternative ways to express their admiration, as the actor is trying to establish legal authority over his public identity. His legal quest for the protection of his personality and publicity rights underscores the evolving landscape of celebrity persona and the boundaries of public mimicry. All eyes are set on the upcoming court hearing scheduled for May 15th, anticipating a significant discussion on the subject. 

Jackie Shroff joins the ranks of Bollywood peers like Anil Kapoor and veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan in pursuing legal avenues to safeguard their personality rights. In September 2023, the Delhi High Court issued an interim order to shield Anil Kapoor’s personality rights, restraining various entities from exploiting his image, voice, name, and distinctive attributes that define his persona. 

The illustrious Bollywood figure sought to curtail the unauthorized usage of his name, associated acronyms, voice, image, and iconic character portrayals, including Lakhan, Mr. India, Majnu Bhai, and Nayak. Furthermore, Jackie aimed to deter the unauthorized appropriation of popular catchphrases such as “jhakaas.” This legal operation follows in the footsteps of another Bollywood inspiration, Amitabh Bachchan, who previously sought legal recourse to prevent the unauthorized use of his voice for promotional purposes without consent. 

The proactive measures undertaken by Jackie Shroff and his counterparts underscore the evolving discourse surrounding celebrity rights in an age dominated by digital media and widespread imitation. As the entertainment industry grapples with these complex issues, the Delhi High Court’s impending verdict may pave the way for defining clearer boundaries and protections for celebrity personas.