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“From Fortune 50 to Real Estate Maverick: Chintan Vasani’s Journey of Entrepreneurship”



"From Fortune 50 to Real Estate Maverick: Chintan Vasani's Journey of Entrepreneurship"

Having left a prestigious role at a Fortune 50 company after completing his MBA, Chintan Vasani, Founder Partner of Wisebiz Developers, embarked on a new journey in the real estate sector. His ambition to create iconic projects drove him to establish a successful real estate firm, focusing on affordable housing and luxury segments. In an exclusive interview with Marksmen Daily correspondent Neeraj Tiwari, Chintan Vasani shared insights into his journey, motivations, and his vision for the future of the real estate industry in India.

Chintan Vasani, Founder Partner of Wisebiz Developers

When did you decide to enter the real estate business? 

After completing my MBA in 2012, I was keen on exploring the real estate industry, driven by my excitement as a first-generation developer. The opportunity to create something tangible and impactful drew me to this field. 

What was your passion before entering the real estate business?

Before entering the real estate business, my passion lay in creating landmark projects that would leave a lasting impact on the areas they were located in. I was always fascinated by architecture and urban development, which ultimately led me to pursue a career in real estate. 

What was your parents’ profession when you decided to enter real estate? 

When I decided to enter the real estate business, my father was running one of India’s premier Taxation firms, specialising in Quality Tax Planning. My mother was involved in the insurance sector. Their support and guidance have been invaluable throughout my journey. 

What motivates you to continue doing what you do? 

The motivation to continue in the real estate business stems from my team and the ecosystem we’ve built over the past decade. Seeing the impact of our projects on the community and the positive feedback from our customers keeps me motivated to push boundaries and create even better projects.

Did you leave a job to enter the real estate business?

Yes, I had a placement at a Fortune 50 company post my MBA, but my passion was always to start a real estate company. I decided to take the leap and pursue my dream of becoming a developer, which has been a rewarding journey so far.

Who is your idol or who do you follow as your role model?

My father has always been my idol in business and team building. His work ethic, dedication, and ability to lead by example have inspired me throughout my career. In real estate, I look up to Mr. Vijay Wadhwa, who is not only a successful developer but also a dear friend and mentor. 

How much funding did you have when you started the business? 

I had a comfortable financial background but wanted to explore the mandate business at the very start of my career as it was less capital-intensive. I was fortunate to have the support of investors who believed in my vision and were willing to invest in our projects.  

What led you to focus on affordable housing?

Our market research on affordable housing was bullish, and we got a chance to explore the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana at KDMC, one of the most vibrant markets in Maharashtra. We saw a huge demand for quality affordable housing in the area and decided to focus on this segment to cater to the needs of the growing population. 

What else can be done to achieve ‘Housing for All’?

More PMAY projects can help in the central leadership’s dream of Housing for all. Creating awareness will also help for the urban population as, unlike other government benefits, the rural population has comparatively benefited from this policy. Additionally, streamlining approval processes and providing incentives for developers to invest in affordable housing can further accelerate the goal of providing housing for all.


How many projects does your real estate company currently have?

We have multiple PMAY and affordable projects in the KDMC market. In Mumbai’s western suburbs, we have a bouquet of Commercial and Residential projects in the affordable and luxury segments. Very soon, we will be launching a residential layout in Dahisar with Commercial and retail, followed by an interesting Eco-Friendly resort living at Lonavala. Our focus is on creating sustainable and inclusive communities that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

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