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Indian Handloom and Handicrafts Sparkles on the Global Stage   



Indian Handloom and Handicrafts Sparkles on the Global Stage 

India’s rich history is woven with threads of lavishness and grandeur, a legacy that resonates through the ages. Among the many chapters that adorn this historical narrative, the era of the Nizams and the Mughals stands out. Though it may have faded with time, its influence continues to resonate through the monuments, attire, and culinary delights that grace modern India. This legacy is not just a relic of the past but a living testament. 

After Paris, Milan, and New York, Indian designers are making waves in the Russian fashion scene. At the recent Moscow Fashion Week (MFW), held from March 1 to 8, Various Russian designers, along with brands and designers from China, Brazil, UAE, and India, showcased their collections at the event. Indian designers like Shalini Jaikaria and Paras Bairoliya, along with Nitin Bal Chauhan, showcased the essence of Indian handloom.  

Shalini Jaikaria and Paras Bairoliya specialize in handcrafted and exclusive couture and occasion wear ensembles that cater to a global audience. Their collections are retailed through leading boutiques in Europe, the US, and the Middle East, but until recently, they had not ventured into the Russian market.  

What sets these collections apart is their ability to challenge stereotypes about Indian fashion. Through contemporary designs fused with traditional craftsmanship, Indian designers are reshaping global perceptions. The resounding applause at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit signalled a new era of appreciation for Indian handloom. 

As Indian designers continue to make their mark in the Russian fashion industry and beyond, they pave the way for greater recognition and acceptance of Indian handloom worldwide. With each stitch and weave, they carry forward a legacy century in the making.  

Indian handloom and handicrafts stand as a testament to centuries of tradition and creativity. With over 4.3 million artisans contributing to a thriving industry, India holds a prominent place in the global textile market.

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