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CXO Chatter, with Debraj Sengupta, CMO, Victorinox India



A heritage brand is more than simply a firm with a storied history. It is a brand that has managed to keep its relevance and connection with consumers throughout generations. These companies have a long-standing reputation and sense of trust, which makes them highly appreciated in the marketplace. But time waits for no one, and an important aspect for heritage brands to consider is its capacity to adapt to new circumstances while remaining true to its core principles. This implies that the brand’s goods, marketing methods, and operations may develop throughout time, but it will always be rooted in its legacy.

Join us in a conversation about how Victorinox has stood the test of time and grown from strength to strength over the years, in this latest episode of CXO Chatter with Victorinox India CMO Debraj Sengupta.

Tete-a tete with the CMO Debraj Sengupta.

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