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CXO Chatter, with Bharat Serums and Vaccines’ COO, Rahul Adakmol



For decades, organisations and leaders focused on quantifiable measures of success: earnings, market share, and many other metrics in the making. But today, like society, organisations and leaders too have evolved, with a significant mindset shift to embrace a greater calling or purpose. What makes the great leaders of today’s organisations tick? What are the evolutionary shifts that have caught their eye, and what are the skills or industry movements that they most focus their attention on? We catch up with CXOs across the industry to answer these questions, and more, on CXO Chatter. Our inaugural episode sees us dive into conversation with Bharat Serum and Vaccines’ COO, Rahul Adakmol, as we strive to get to the bottom of the shifts that he believes will define his role, and the broader industry, in the coming years.

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