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C-Suite Conversations, with Bharath Sastry



Defying conventional wisdom, Vistaprint India’s Bharath Sastry has crafted a unique leadership style that prioritises enjoyment and passion over rigid directives. With a laidback demeanour, he shuns the omniscient, pervasive approach often associated with leadership, instead fostering an environment of engagement and collaboration.

His philosophy? Tap into the inherent passion that drives each team member, allowing their enthusiasm to fuel their work. By creating a culture of enjoyment, he unlocks the full potential of his team, enabling them to thrive and deliver exceptional results.

His approach is a breath of fresh air, a reminder that true leadership isn’t about exerting control, but about empowering others to find joy in their pursuits. It’s a strategy that cultivates loyalty, ignites creativity, and fosters a sense of camaraderie – the cornerstone of any successful endeavour. Watch the latest episode of C-Suite Conversations, right here!

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