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Island Indulgence: Waikiki Serves Up a Slice of Hawaiian Bliss in Mumbai



Island Indulgence: Waikiki Serves Up a Slice of Hawaiian Bliss in Mumbai

In a city where the culinary landscape is ever-evolving, Mumbai’s discerning diners are demanding the best of the world, right here on their doorstep. The Indian diaspora, with its insatiable curiosity and worldly-wise palates, is no longer content to simply savour the flavours of the subcontinent. They yearn for new horizons, to explore the diverse tapestry of global cuisines, and to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of flavours that span the globe.

Enter The Stables, a culinary oasis that has brought a slice of Hawaii to the heart of Mumbai. With the opening of Waikiki, a Hawaiian restaurant that celebrates the finest ingredients and embraces global culinary trends, The Stables has set the stage for a gastronomic adventure like no other.

At the helm of this culinary voyage is Executive Chef David Cagle, whose meticulous curation of dishes pays homage to the islands’ diverse culinary heritage while embracing sustainable sourcing and local produce. In a freewheeling conversation, Cagle shared his vision for Waikiki, a vision that transcends mere sustenance and elevates dining to an art form.

“We’ve tried to incorporate what we have here, what is available here, but also looking at, for example, local produce. Jackfruit and breadfruit are very similar. So, we’ve tried and incorporated what we can find here in India,” Cagle explained, emphasizing the importance of sourcing locally and minimizing the carbon footprint.

Cagle’s philosophy extends beyond the confines of the kitchen, embracing a holistic approach that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of community. “Food is diverse now, and it’s very subjective,” he mused, acknowledging the ever-changing landscape of culinary preferences and the need to cater to a wide range of palates.

Joining Cagle in this culinary odyssey is Karl Fernandes, Reserve Brand Ambassador for Diageo, whose passion for mixology and the art of crafting exceptional cocktails is palpable. Fernandes, a champion of Feni the “Tiki” culture, has set out to create a vibrant cocktail scene in Mumbai, one that pays homage to the tropical flavours and spirits that define the Hawaiian experience.

“I’ve never seen it (Tiki culture) bloom in India yet because I feel that rum is a spirit that’s not looked up to much,” Fernandes shared, lamenting the lack of appreciation for the rich and complex world of rum in the Indian market. “But I strongly believe that this whole Tiki culture and India loving and enjoying cocktails is a right time for it.”

Fernandes’ commitment to sustainable and mindful mixology is evident in his approach to crafting Tiki cocktails. “We use something known as the brix meter where we check the sugar levels. And it’s always at that sweet point where it’s around six to seven brix,” he explained, emphasizing the importance of balancing flavors and minimizing the use of refined sugars.

As Mumbai’s culinary landscape continues to evolve, establishments like Waikiki stand as beacons of innovation and cultural exchange. With their unwavering commitment to sustainability, local sourcing, and embracing global culinary trends, they are redefining the dining experience and inviting diners to embark on a journey of flavor and discovery, all at a palatable price point that serves up a slice of paradise, one plateful at a time.

Waikiki is open from 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM at the Peninsula Grand Hotel, Sakinaka, Mumbai

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