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Chief Human Resource Officer Position In UpGrad Given To Sourabh Deep Singla




UpGrad is India’s well-known institution that provides virtual or online education in different fields. It is a digital platform that has helped most of the youths of India to access education based on business and industry. The major customers of this institution are the students themselves, who are keen on getting qualified with certified courses in data analytics, digital marketing, product management, data-driven management, and digital technology management. Most of these courses relate to business management in the current scenario where digitization has become a priority for most industries. 

UpGrad appointed Saurabh Deep Singla, the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in Ecom Express Private Limited. He was one of the well-known experts for managing the Human Resource department in Ecom Express Private Limited. He was known for his skill in maintaining a positive work culture within the organization and 10,000 employees within the company. Through his ability and expertise in Human resources, he has secured the role of a Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) in another thriving institution of education, UpGrad. 

Saurabh Deep Singla was a great Human Resource leader and was known for his skills in managing a team of 10,000 employees in Ecom Express Private Limited, along with different other responsibilities for making the work culture more positive and engaging. Overseeing talent management and development, Human Resource Policies, and Programs were also part of his expertise, and he carried it out as an efficient leader within the industry. An organization stems, grows, and develops from the people who work for it. They are the Human Resources who are recruited as the employees of a company. To ensure that the company is excelling from every side, it has to be built on a very strong foundation of skilled, educated, and talented employees who can be leading figures in the transformation of an industry.

With Saurabh Deep Singla appointed as the Chief Human Resource Officer on the 13th of July, UpGrad looks upon him for the ever-growing industry possibilities under his leadership. He has an experience of 19 years of as a leader in managing the Human Resource department in companies all across the country. Apart from this, he also has experience and expertise in design. As a leader, he always focuses on an organization’s overall growth and development rather than just the department he is in charge of. As a leader in the field of business and management, he is a perfect example of a transformational leader who is always looking for a positive transformation in the industry with the help of the employees.

UpGrad has decided to appoint Saurabh Deep Singla to lead the human capital for the Edtech ecosystem, which has been a huge step in transforming the youths of the twenty-first century. This decision was made based on his previous role as Chief People Officer (CPO), where he led a huge team of employees to create a pipeline for the business in more than 3000 geographies that contributed to the gradual growth of the industry. Mayank Kumar, the co-founder of UpGrad, has shown his pleasure in taking a well-known expert and a leader like Saurabh Deep Singla into the UpGrad team during a time when the industry is witnessing growth and transformation.