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From Rural Roots to Sharpshooter: Suman Kumari Makes History in BSF 



From Rural Roots to Sharpshooter: Suman Kumari Makes History in BSF

Suman Kumari, a Sub-Inspector hailing from Baryara village, has engraved her name in the Border Security Force’s (BSF) history as its pioneering female sniper. Her journey, marked by determination and perseverance, has not only brought pride to her family in Mandi district but also inspired many aspiring individuals. 

The announcement of Suman’s accomplishment echoed with joy in her hometown, and she became a hope for those striving to excel in their chosen fields. The Central school of Weapons and Tactics (CSWT), where she underwent rigorous training, celebrated her achievement on social media, highlighting BSF’s commitment to inclusivity. 

Joining BSF three years ago, Suman expressed a keen interest in sniper training. Her dream turned into reality as she joined 56 others for an intensive eight-week course at CSWT. Not only did she complete the program with flying colors, but she also attained the prestigious grade of Instructor, making her eligible to train future snipers. 

Suman’s journey to becoming a sniper wasn’t lacking challenges. Coming from a modest background, with her father employed as an electrician and her mother a homemaker, she had to overcome numerous hurdles. However, armed with determination and courage, she pursued her education, completing her BBA from Vallabh Degree College, Mandi, before joining BSF through the Central Police Forces (CPF) examination in 2021. 

Suman firmly believes that no challenge is impossible with the right mindset and physical strength. She embraced the challenge of becoming a sniper wholeheartedly, driven by her passion for serving in the armed forces. 

Her journey is a testament to her steady dedication and the support of her family. She stands as the first member of her family to serve in the armed forces, a testament to her constant chasing of her dreams. From her early education in Senior Secondary School, Baryara, to her current role as a sniper, Suman’s journey summarizes the essence of determination of the human spirit. 

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