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Here are the 6 best wireless earbuds on the market not named AirPods 



Here are the 6 best wireless earbuds on the market not named AirPods 

Apple might have made the wireless earbud category popular, but let’s be honest; not everyone wants one, or needs one. Indeed, no matter your budget, there are hundreds of options out there arguably better than AirPods. 

“But Hitanshi, how do I know which one to buy? Won’t you help me?”, I hear you say. 

Fear not, nameless reader. I hear you and your imaginary question. And I have the answers for you. We’ve spent thousands of rupees we don’t have to purchase hundreds of earbuds we don’t need. And now, we’ve narrowed them down to this list of the very best. 

In other news, we have hundreds of earbuds stacked in our office and my boss is mad at me for spending company money on tech we don’t need and can’t afford. No matter. Anything for you, dear nameless reader. 


Jabra 4 Active  

The Jabra Elite 4 is an ideal workout companion, designed for peak performance and never missing a step. These buds feature Active Noise Cancellation, a customizable equalizer, and hear-through technology for an immersive audio experience. And don’t worry about working up a sweat; its water and sweat-proof design ensures durability and comfort during even the most intense workouts. Plus, with ergonomic construction, they stay securely in place, matching your pace stride for stride. Priced competitively at Rs. 7000, it’s a prime pick for those seeking quality and value.  


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro 

“What’s that”, I hear you say. “Samsung buds? For me? Why?” 

Let me tell you why. 

Let’s be real. Not everyone owns an iPhone (even if I do). In any case, Android lovers will appreciate that the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro seamlessly integrates with Samsung devices, while offering extensive control and sound customization. And yes, it sounds great and has super comfort, and did I mention it also provides 360 Audio and Wireless Power features, all for just Rs. 10,000. Hard to pass up value like that. 


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live 

Samsung doesn’t just do cheap audio either. The Galaxy Buds Live are a pair of bean-shaped earbuds offering open-fit active noise cancellation for just Rs. 10,000. And yes, impressive sound quality and eye-catching design comes standard, without the hefty price tag. With a comfortable fit and standout features, the Galaxy Buds Live are the perfect choice for those seeking premium audio performance at a fraction of the cost.  


Sony LinkBuds S 

Finally, we come around to a titan of all things tech; Sony. And the LinkBuds S lives up to the billing.  

A blend of tradition and innovation, the classic black plastic design and round shape of these earbuds offer a snug fit with control features that are easily accessible on the flat exterior sides. Yes, it does have active noise canceling, and even a virtual assistant, in addition to a unique awareness mode can be activated by holding the side of an earbud for quick access to transparency mode, ensuring you stay connected to your surroundings when needed. All yours for just Rs. 24,990 


Beats Fit Pro 

For those that crave great sound quality in a sporty paid of buds, this is the one for you. The Beats Fit Pro works equally well on Android and iPhone with superlative sound quality, active noise canceling, and automatic ear detection. It’s always great to know my ears are exactly where I left them last time I checked. 

It’s also comfortable enough to wear all day long, whether you’re relaxing or working out. Sure, it’s pricey at Rs. 22,900. But the good things in life rarely come cheap. 


JBL Live Pro 2 

Honestly, the JBL LivePro 2 punches way above its weight. These mid-range buds offer adaptive noise cancellation and a smart ambient mode for an immersive and versatile listening experience. It also has intuitive touch controls for easy manageability on the move, with the ability to stay connected across as many as six devices with Dual Connect & Sync. For Rs. 9,499, it’s hard to argue against it.  

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