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Priyanka Agrawal joins Punt Partners as Co-Founder



Previous- Chief Strategy Officer of Fractal Ink

Present- Co- Founder, Punt Partners

Almost a year after exiting Dentsu One as Chief Strategy Officer of Fractal Ink & Managing Partner, CX consulting, Priyanka Agrawal has joined Punt Partners as Co-Founder. Priyanka had been part of the Fractal Ink journey from its inception in 2010 to their joining the Dentsu group in 2016 till her exit in 2022.

Earlier, Priyanka had worked in London in design roles at The Daily Mail Group Trust (DMGT). After exiting Dentsu, Priyanka had started an innovation consulting practice, Forward Slash, which focused on digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies in the US. 

Priyanka is coming aboard Punt Partners to build a new consult practice that marries innovation, design, and technology to deliver outstanding customer interventions for brands. She will focus primarily on the North American market.