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Colgate Launches Its New Campaign, “Smile Out Loud.”




Colgate has launched a “Smile Out Loud” campaign for their new toothpaste – Colgate Visible White O2. 

Through this campaign, the company launched an innovative new product, Visible White O2, which has some active oxygen technology that will help whiten your teeth in 3 days. 

Red Fuse Communications have conceptualized Colgate’s campaign for a new toothpaste. The campaign means to show the daily struggle of women and how O2 affects their lives by enhancing the smile on their faces. 

Red Fuse Communications is a communication partner to Colgate India. The “Smile Out Loud” campaign features the youth who inspire the world with their works. Dolly Singh, Toshada Uma and Prarthana Jagan were some of the featured influencers. Though people are made to feel self-conscious, these young celebrities have managed to create a unique identity all by themselves. 

They have successfully embraced the stigma of “imperfections” and have kept their smile intact. Their smile is their beauty asset which they boast of proudly. 

On the occasion of the launch of this innovative product, Arvind Chintamani, Vice President, Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive India, said, “The new Colgate Visible White O2 is a revolutionary whitening toothpaste and the most exciting innovation in teeth whitening in India. In addition to bringing this innovation to the country, our launch campaign also encourages every young Indian to express their unique beauty through their radiant smiles… don’t let conventional beauty standards define you, express yourself and ‘Smile Out Loud!'”

Delna Sethna, Executive Creative Director, Red Fuse, added on occasion, “Whether we like it or not, there is a beauty norm that embraces a very typical idea of what’s beautiful… Any expression beyond this norm makes people uncomfortable. That discomfort often manifests in gawking! We went with three brave muses (and an even braver client!) and decided not to rebel (there’s enough of that out there) but we didn’t want to shy away either… because ultimately, it’s not just about three women but all versions of beautiful mattering!

A smile is something that not just enhances beauty but also shows your confidence in others. It is something that you can wear out Loud. 

In their journey to be smart and confident, Toshada Uma, Dolly Singh, and Prarthana Jagan have to identify themselves and break all their insecurities. 

Visible White O2 is a product that will deliver white teeth in just three days of use. This innovative and transformative product is an addition to building leadership and facilitating teeth whitening in India.