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Zomato appoints Anmol Gupta as Chief Fitness Officer to promote employee wellness



Previous– Strength and conditioning coach, Blackbox Functional Fitness

Present- Chief Fitness Officer, Zomato

In a significant move aimed at prioritising the well-being of its workforce, Zomato, a prominent player in the food technology sector, has appointed Anmol Gupta as the new Chief Fitness Officer (CFO). The newly established position is dedicated to cultivating a culture of both physical and mental health within the company.

He will collaborate closely with Zomato’s employees, providing guidance and support for their individual wellness endeavors. To facilitate this, an internal wellness team, comprising fitness trainers, nutrition experts, and well-being counselors, will be established.

This team will extend assistance in diverse areas such as weight and strength training, yoga, boxing, and other fitness activities, catering to both novices and enthusiasts alike.

Gupta’s professional background encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from financial analysis to health, wellness, and fitness. He joined Blackbox Functional Fitness as a strength and conditioning coach. His enthusiasm for promoting fitness prompted him to co-found ‘Endure,’ a fitness platform dedicated to encouraging users to embrace healthier lifestyles.