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Cancer Can Be Tough, Here Are A Few Ways You Can Support Someone With Cancer




We know that the word ‘cancer’ is terrifying for people who know what it’s like to suffer from it and people who have lost their loved ones in the battle. Health is one of the most precious parts that one should value and take care of. But, when it comes to supporting someone who has cancer and something similar or difficult than this, you should know that you only have to be there for them. Happiness is the key to most of the problems. It has been proven by different psychologists that being happy helps people to fight stress and anxiety. But, if you feel empathy for cancer patients you do not have any relation with, there are many ways you can support them. Let me tell you how!

  1. Support fundraisers: This is one of the most significant ways to support the people who are battling the disease without financial support. There are hundreds of hospitals and NGOs that work to raise funds to support such people. Suppose you do not trust organizations promoting online fundraising campaigns. You can look within your city and talk to someone who knows about the campaign. We are sure you will find a few. Your support can help millions of children and adults who have cancer.
  1. Hair donation for providing wigs to cancer patients: As we all might be aware, Chemotherapy, which is one of the most critical cancer treatments, makes patients lose their hair. For girls especially, losing hair is like losing part of their beauty. But, we can help them revive their beauty by giving them wigs. It might not look like natural hair. But it prevents them from feeling embarrassed for not having hair.
  1. Visiting organizations and hospitals supporting cancer patients: Have you ever tried talking to strangers who have so much going on in their lives? If not, you should try interacting with children who have cancer. Some children are abandoned by their blood relations because they do not have financial stability. Such children are taken care of by non-profitable organizations and NGOs, similar to nursing homes. If you want to support cancer patients, visit such organizations and NGOs to understand how it feels like to battle so much at such a young age.
  1. Random acts of kindness: If you know someone battling the disease and want to smile at them. Just surprise them with handmade gifts or chocolates. If someone close to you is going through this phase, sit beside them and knit a scarf while you both talk, and once you finish it, tell them that you made this as a token of love and care for them. Trust us! There’s nothing that would make them happier than a handmade gift. Everybody loves to know that they are valued, and their battle is your battle. But you both are in this together!