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Sante Spa Cuisine: Sustainable, Soulful, Sustenance.



Sante Spa Cuisine: Sustainable, Soulful, Sustenance.

You always associate the word ‘spa’ with relaxation and tranquility. You’re not wrong, but this spa stimulates the senses through your stomach, which is also therapeutic.


Mostly, when you see the food being brought to your table and see the colours of the dishes from a distance, it’s a thrill with the preconceived notion of being tasteful and titillating your taste buds. I am completely sold on the concept of clean eating, and yes, there is less guilt even if you eat more than 80% of your target calories for the day. Chatting with Sonal Barmecha, the brainchild behind this, her sentiments reflect the space she has created, ‘What you consume is what you become’. Her sympathy for animals and utilization of alternatives to prevent animal abuse.


Here’s Sante Spa Cusine for you, in the start of bustling BKC, with far too many people to notice the number of cars stationed on the same street. Who is complaining? Mumbai is such. The restaurants  have a major inflow of the corporates that are around the restaurant and have received gratifying feedback on how they are ending up eating a healthy and fulfilling meals more often while at work

Returning to the food, magic happened when I pressed a red menu button and a genie magically appeared to offer guidance. There were several options for the day meeting and an overtired post-work dinner. The menu included everything from granola and protein bowls to Quinoa Biryani, which is quite a divergent take on indulgent, mindful food.  Sonal stated that “veganism is very slow because most of us have been drinking milk for the longest time in India,” and that it is a shift that must be adopted gradually but persistently.


Several of the meals featured coconut milk as the main ingredient, and they all tasted different. The red pumpkin soup had a light, slim texture, and the spiced coconut milk remains a pleasant memory. The Crisp Broccoli and Mushroom in Burnt Garlic had the comforting aroma of stir-fried vegetables. Their breads, which were as soft as a cushion, melted in the mouth with every bite. I enjoy it when coriander is sprinkled on almost everything, from the nutritious sweet potato bhel to Nasi Goreng for the main course. Yes, I ate them all #blissful. This is also a recognition that your Indian components, which are both healthful and delicious, such as ragi, jawar, and bajra, each have their own gorgeous and enhanced flavor that tastes even better with a continental twist.

When you’re not feeling your best, don’t look up what you can do to improve; instead, go to this sunny, relaxed environment where you can see greenery and eat it.  Food combinations that are convincing entice you to order the most unusual dishes, such as The Heritage Bajra Riso, Baked Multigrain and Millet Khichadi, or the freshest crunchy Fig and Date Nog. You’ll know when the first crunch is heard to move the date along.

If you’ve ever wondered why ending a meal with dessert is such a good idea – aside from the allure of sweet, rich flavors – there’s a scientific explanation! Food scientists refer to it as “dessert stomach”, which occurs when our senses tell us we no longer want to eat the savoury foods we previously consumed and are ready for a new flavour experience.

I’ve always been intrigued by avocado-based desserts, like avocado smoothies and avocado brownies. I guess their place in desserts makes sense, right? After all, avocados are packed with healthy fats and nutrients and lend so much creaminess to any dish or snack. When it comes to non-dairy ice creams, I’ve tried almond-milk based, coconut-based, and banana-based… but never avocado. This is the closest plant-based, vegan alternative to regular ice cream I’ve ever tasted. The avocado was undetectable taste-wise, but definitely kept the ice cream creamy and rich.

Asked Sonal on why the restaurant stands out amongst many in the same space, she was very convincing of the idea that its ‘Honestly Health’, Sante Spa Cuisine will never play with your digestive systems yet not missing out on anything that you wish to eat this way your heart and your stomach both are full.

Finally it was time for the happy ending and what better than the dessert and so I’ll definitely be dipping into this Avocado and Pistachio ice cream with vegan brownie more often and heading back to Sante Spa Cuisine to try all the other healthy small meal options.

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