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Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, MD & CEO of Kalorex Group, offers a view of a post-pandemic world.



What has the pandemic meant for leaders across industries? What has fundamentally changed for them?

Across the country as well as the entire world a major disruption has taken place. The industry and the academia both have faced the pandemic in their own ways. But one thing certain is that it has been a major learning experience for everyone.

The preparedness and response for disaster management as a continued and monitored activity across all industries is crucial. The leaders have also realized the importance of healthcare and human welfare budgets and support systems to be put in place to ensure sustainability and employee wellbeing.

While we may not have control over external factors leading to a disaster but what is important is to ensure good communication systems and decision-making mechanism and empowered teams to mitigate any impending crisis.

It is unfortunate that the world still is unable to rise above the blame game and getting political mileage out of a serious pandemic, and it will take a long time for us to do that, but what is most important is also to work towards making efforts to learn to live with this virus.

Continuing awareness drives about safety and following COVID protocols has to become an integral part of the system now. The world has to move on and citizens need to reboot their lives according to the new normal.

Fundamentally each leader has to accept that there is no certainty in the future. The situation is so rapidly changing at all times that it is impossible for anyone to predict much. Scientists are constantly flummoxed at the speed at which mutations are taking place. Hence, industry needs to spend money on research activities and invest wisely wherever require to build better and R&D facilities and encourage scientific research activities.

What are some of your boldest predictions for the industry over the next ten years?

The next 10 years may see a massive increase in AI and Machine Learning technology. It has already gained enough momentum but we may be surprised at to what levels it may take over our lives in future.

Corporate work culture to a large extent has become hybrid and will keep getting more so with flexible working hours and working from any locations as long as they deliver their KRAs.

The upcoming employees will definitely be handling multiple careers catering to their various skills and abilities and may not just be confined to one job at a time.

The environment and its cause will be in focus and the responsibility will definitely be taken over by the next generation of employable youth who will have an empathetic approach and practice conscious living. Conservation efforts will be the focus for them and not just earning a living at the cost of sacrificing the environment.