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Can creativity and agility help reimagine organizations?




Spokesperson: Sreekanth K Arimanithaya, Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader, EY Global Delivery Services
Organizations and the organizational structure as they know have undergone a significant transformation in the past couple of years. The velocity of change is high with organizations, especially the ones involved with products and manufacturing, as the timeline has significantly reduced with new product launches happening faster and better. Ambidextrous leadership is another critical aspect when dealing with change; a leader wears many hats; they need to adapt to the situation, and make the right decision that is beneficial to their people, organization and society. With the increased velocity in business, ambidextrous leaders can bring stability during change and encourage creative solutions to problems that can lead to innovation.

If it weren’t for agile thinking coupled with robust planning and execution, things would have been very different for businesses across the globe. So, leaders can reimagine their organization and prepare for the next chapter by being agile, fostering a culture of creativity, and by putting people at the centre of their business strategy.

Can leaders foster a creative culture?

It is safe to say that modern-day leaders are influencers who can set the tone for the organization’s culture and set an example for their people. So, as leaders, it is important that you acknowledge the power creativity has in shaping the organization. Creativity does not necessarily mean one has to be artistically inclined or have an idea or a solution for every problem. A creative solution can be small or big. Still, as leaders, we must encourage people to share their thoughts and voice their opinions to the table. It will foster a culture of creative thinking, help the business understand the situation from different angles, and arrive at a solution that checks all the right boxes.

Agile is the way forward

Agility is a leadership trait, and an agile organization is future-ready. Navigating through change can become easier if you are agile. For example, they have a diverse workforce with different needs, and they know they cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to providing a bouquet of benefits. That’s when they came up with a customized benefits plan that suits the needs of the individuals. Similarly, to suit individuals’ career aspirations at EY Global Delivery Services, they have customizable learning plans that their people can utilize to upskill and create a career that’s as unique as them. Agile thinking, coupled with the right methodology and technology, has given rise to many programs that cater to the needs of their people.

Evolving with time

The workplace, workforce, and the ways of working have evolved, and leaders need to understand the pulse of the people and make informed decisions that resonate with everyone. When it comes to making an informed decision, data is critical, and by analsing those data, leaders can make a decision that caters to the needs of their people.

The organization’s culture and leadership role are also ever-evolving. There was a time when leadership was aspirational. Now it’s about being inspirational and authentic, where leaders are not afraid to show their vulnerabilities. Organizations have become more flexible, open to change, and, most importantly, inclusive, where people are encouraged to be their authentic selves. Culture is what binds people with the organization to foster a sense of belonging.

People drive business, and it caters to people, which is something one must not forget as they navigate through different times. An organization must cater to its employees’ and customers’ changing and growing needs to create a sustainable model. Creativity and adaptability helped us navigate through some of the most challenging times in human history, and if they could do it once, I’m sure with the right set of people and the right attitude, they can do it again.