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UGC introduces biannual admissions for higher education institutions



UGC introduces biannual admissions for higher education institutions

In a major policy shift designed to enhance student opportunities and align with global educational standards, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced that higher education institutions in India can now admit students twice a year. Starting from the next academic year, admissions will be available in January/February and again in July/August. This initiative provides a crucial advantage for students who might miss the initial enrollment cycle due to delays in board results, health issues, or personal circumstances. 

UGC Chairman, Professor Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, emphasized the multiple benefits of this policy change. “Biannual admissions will significantly reduce the wait time for students to enroll in higher education programs, which in turn will keep their motivation levels high”, he explained. This approach also opens the door for industries to conduct campus recruitments twice a year, thereby increasing employment opportunities for graduates. 

Historically, the UGC permitted biannual admissions for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and Online modes, a policy that resulted in nearly half a million additional students enrolling in higher education. Encouraged by this success, the UGC has now decided to extend the policy to regular mode programs. 

This progressive change not only benefits students domestically but also aligns Indian universities with international norms, potentially boosting global collaborations and student exchange programs. While adopting biannual admissions is not mandatory, higher education institutions (HEIs) interested in this system will need to amend their regulations accordingly. 

The introduction of biannual admissions is also expected to positively impact the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER), contributing to India’s goal of becoming a ‘Global Study Destination’ as outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020