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Maggi introduces limited-edition cup noodles with edible fork



Maggi introduces limited-edition cup noodles with edible fork

Who doesn’t like Maggi? I am sure this one thing is close to most of their hearts, a kid or an elderly person, everyone likes the aroma and flavors of Maggi. So, recently, Maggi has unveiled a pioneering product that is turning heads and winning hearts in metro cities: an edible fork made from wheat flour.  

Paired with the popular Masala Cuppa noodles, this innovative cutlery allows consumers to wolf down noodles and then their fork as well if they’re still hungry! This initiative is a significant step towards reducing single-use plastic waste, aligning with Maggi’s ongoing efforts to promote sustainability. 

The edible fork is the latest addition to Maggi’s ‘Desh ke liye 2 minute’ initiative, which was launched in 2020. This initiative reflects Maggi’s dedication to environmental responsibility and consumer engagement. Previously, Maggi introduced foldable, compostable forks as part of their mission to cut down on plastic use. The new edible fork takes this commitment a step further by offering a practical and enjoyable alternative. 

Rajat Jain, Director of Foods at Nestlé India, emphasized the importance of this development: “The edible fork represents a milestone in our commitment to environmental responsibility and highlights our global R&D capabilities.” 

This innovative product is the result of a collaboration between Nestlé R&D India and the Indian start-up Trishula. The edible fork is a part of their efforts to develop innovative and widely accepted solutions for local consumers. 

Available for a limited time, the edible forks are set to enhance the Maggi Cuppa Noodles experience. This unique initiative is not just a fun and practical way to enjoy a meal; it also serves as a reminder of the small steps we can take towards a more sustainable future.