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Together For A Better Internet!




With technological advancement, the world has come together in knowledge and
information. This was only possible with the help of the internet today. Children, Youth,
and Elders, no matter which age group you belong to, the internet are open for
everyone. Whatever you need to know and learn is all available in one place called the
internet. However, using the internet also requires you to follow certain protocols. It has
risks of being a victim of cybercrimes, which can destroy someone’s life completely.
Thus, being responsible while using the internet is necessary for the twenty-first century
to avoid being a victim of cybercrime. Children and the younger generation are more
likely to become the victims of such acts.

Safer Internet Day was celebrated first in 2004 on the 6th of February, introduced by the
SaferBorders Project. The same year 14 different countries around the world celebrated
this day. The Safer Internet is an initiative that makes twenty-first-century youth aware of
their responsibilities as budding individuals to make the internet safer. In 2022 Safer
Internet Day will be celebrated on the 8th of February. This initiative has not shifted to
Insafe, the Center of Safe Internet. Safer Internet Day has expanded beyond its
traditional norms and now involves 200 countries worldwide, celebrating it as an
internationally responsible day.

Safer Internet Day has pledged to take responsibility by involving different entities,
especially from the European Union, to bring the entire world together in providing a
safer digital and virtual environment for children across the world. These European
Union entities include their decision-makers from both national and international levels.
Along with the European Union, different industrial representatives, civil service
organizations, educators and parents, and youth of the twenty-first century from across
the world are involved in this initiative today.

It is important for the people using digital platforms to use the internet safely and use it
for the basis of creativity and learning. The theme of 2022 Safer Internet Day is
‘together for a better internet. This year the initiators and the organizers of the event
have made this day safer, more informative, and entertaining for all the young people.
Whether playing online games, creating content, engaging in social media, or
participating in online events, this year would be about bringing people together through
more information and entertainment. Various virtual quiz events would be conducted
and different informative sessions for the parents on digital platforms. To make the
event more interesting and a remarkable day for the young ones, it will also conduct
Gaming events virtually. This year the aim is to build relationships with international internet users so that all of them come together to help support each other when

Insafe will bring all the stakeholders to make this event a success by providing a world
of the internet with more information, safety, and entertainment.