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8 tips to write like an Amazonian



Words have been the most effective tool in the history of Mankind.

The more effective the words, the more customers you attract.

And Amazon emphasizes teaching its employees how to write, because effective communication is the bedrock of corporate success.

Here’s Writing 101, as taught to Amazonians.

  1. Brevity

Keep your sentences short and precise. Avoid writing more than 15-30 words.

Fewer words get easily retained in the customers’ minds.

  1. By the numbers

Make your sentences more interesting by adding data to them.

Numbers are catchy, and they stick to the mind of the consumer.

  1. Be descriptive

Make your sentences more descriptive rather than interpretive.

  1. Keep the audience in mind

You write for a particular audience and situation.

Re-read your words, again and again, to find out the loopholes and to spice it up more.

  1. Embrace objectivity

Avoid being subjective to avoid the explanations of further questions.

Be objective so that your information looks more impressive and undoubtful.

  1. Explain acronyms clearly

Always explain the technical terms or acronyms the first time they appear.

For example: If you sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Here, NDA has been explained in the first place so, if it is used again in the sentence then, we can just write ‘NDA’, and the consumer will understand the meaning easily.

  1. Reimagine your writing

Write Subject-Verb-Objective sentences.

Always know your audience.

Whom you are writing for,

why you are writing and

the purpose behind your writing.

  1. Simplify

Use concise words to save your consumers’ time.

For example:

Avoid using- Due to the fact that

Instead, use- Because

If you save your customers’ time, they may save your time by taking a quick decision.

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