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Delta Plus variant: Maharashtra collects samples from each district to check spread of the delta variant



The government of Maharashtra is collecting hundreds of samples from different districts of the state to determine the spread of the Delta Plus variant of the coronavirus.

The government also stated that it is trying its best to contain the spread of the Delta Plus variant in the state. One of the main concerns of the state government is to determine how far the Delta Plus variant had already spread.

Some officers have been ordered to take note of index cases of the Delta plus variant and to monitor them very closely. By doing so, all the details about the cases should be ready for examination and study. Their travel history, the aggressive contact tracing of high risk and low-risk contacts has been ordered as well.

The concerned authorities are looking very closely to see if these index cases were reinfected, did they get infected even after taking the vaccine, has the Delta Plus variant escaped the vaccine?

This study is being conducted with the help of ICMR, ICSR and NIV.

For now, no special treatment is needed for the variant as current vaccines offer a level of protection against it. While the scientific fraternity is conducting in-depth studies about the virus, we should do our part and maintain necessary protocols even though the lockdown has been lifted.

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