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C-Suite Conversation with Rohit Pathak, CEO, Birla Copper (Hindalco)



From hearing the industry signals to listening to things said and unsaid across the length and breadth of the organisation, the best CEOs have their finger on the pulse of all that matters. And so it is with Rohit Pathak, too, who is renowned for his work as CEO of Birla Copper (or Hindalco if you will), but equally, he is known for the softer touch he brings to his leadership style, which captures the cultural and emotional zeitgeist perfectly. From saying, “This is where we’re going” to “Where do you want to go, and how do we get there”, modern leadership has come a long way, with behavioural psychology playing a huge role. Rohit Pathak embodies the spirit of this new wave of leaders, and it was a pleasure to have him as our guest on the latest episode of C-Suite Conversations. Do watch the episode, out now!

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