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Pearl Global is a perfect combination of technology, sustainability and design in the fashion industry.




Pearl Global focus on 3 areas:

Firstly, the relationship with reporting manager and leaders, they believe teams who trust their leaders tend to be more forthcoming and loyal, hence a lot of efforts are put in the hiring of right leaders, managers and supervisors who are empathetic towards their teams, are capable of inspiring the team by walking the talk and can push the teams during tough times.

Secondly the emotional engagement of the employee with the organizations, which instils loyalty, a trait which goes a long way in achieving Organizational success, it can be achieved by keeping an open communication, empathetic approach, and ethical policies which to develop mutual trust and understanding towards everyone.

And lastly keeping their people motivated by offering flexibility, empowering them to take decisions, allowing vacation and personal time, health care and support to working parents they try to inculcate a positive work culture.