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Mercedes-Maybach S 580 test: better than the best?




The idea behind the Maybach S 580 is to take the ‘World’s Best Car’ upgrade for the Mercedes S-Class to the next logical level. And when you look at what it offers, it seems to do exactly that. It uses a larger, higher-tech, and more refined V8 gasoline engine, but is that enough to justify a 60 percent price premium, or is there more to it?

Mercedes Maybach S 580 2022: Exterior Improvements
While the Maybach brand revival in 2000 produced a bespoke super-luxury model with distinctive looks inside and out (and was arguably the basis of the S-Class at the time), Mercedes chose the class. It’s easy to upgrade from the last two generations instead of each other. There aren’t many visual differences from the standard model, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

What is different? It’s 180mm longer than even the long-wheelbase S-Class sold in India, extending the belt to 5,469mm, as the profile suggests. Behind the extended tailgate is a small quarter of the glass, the B-pillars are finished in brushed chrome, and 19-inch monobloc alloy wheels complete the extra length.

You also get stylish vertical grilles and a thick chrome Maybach grille, as well as wide chrome surrounds for the front bumper air intakes. The rear end has a heavier chrome finish around the exhausts and, of course the Maybach and S 580 badging. It still shines enough without being over the top.

Mercedes Maybach S 580 2022: Interior and Comfort
It does feel like your money is well spent here; Upgrade from Business to First Class. Yes, the Maybach S-Class has the Driver’s Package that lets you slide and fold the passenger seat forward for maximum legroom, but you’ll rarely feel like you need it. Even the six-legged friend can lie down, cross their legs and recline the seat, possibly without sacrificing space for the security professional sitting across from them.

The S 580 is technically a 5-seater with seats in the rear row (you can opt for the separate “First Class” cabin of the imported S 680), but the middle seat is an emergency privilege. The two independently adjustable outboard seats are cool. Arguably the best seats are still upholstered in soft quilted Nappa leather, generously padded, and plush padding on the Maybach logo-embroidered headrest.

Mercedes Maybach S 580 2022: Equipment and Technology
There’s a lot of technology in Maybach to keep the experience upscale, much of which has been discussed above. But there’s more. While this car is arguably more for the backseat than the driver’s seat, it also packs a few features to pamper its driver. The front seats are also heated, cooled, and massaged this time around, and there are even active seat cushions that move in the corners to support the sides, just like in an AMG.

The S-Class includes autonomous driving, sensor-based ADAS technology, adaptive cruise control, active lane departure warning, cross traffic warning, and automatic emergency braking, but this time with a parking assistant. Protect the car from collision, especially in a dangerous scene. All of these, while useful, work with varying degrees of success in the ill-defined and unpredictable Indian driving environment. So it’s nice that you can turn them off if you want.

Mercedes Maybach S 580 2022: Engine, Refinement, and Comfort
We’re not sure how much of the creepy silence in the cabin is due to the noise-cancelling speakers, but the Merc’s efforts to keep the noise out have been effective. In addition to the S-Class usually being built as a body, there are double-glazed windows on all sides and additional foam inserts in the rear wheel arches. It helps that the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 is so quiet that even aggressive overtaking causes a hum in the engine bay. The 9-speed automatic transmission makes gear changes so smooth you forget it’s there.

Strangely, rear-wheel steering is another technology not offered on the locally assembled S 580 (but an option on the CBU S 680). Given the length of this car, parking and turning should make a world of difference to the standard S-Class. Mercedes says this is because few buyers will opt for this expensive option, but we have heard that the factory in India is not yet ready to install the technology but will be in the future.

In short, when it comes to this locally produced Maybach S 580, it feels more like a premium S-Class than a luxury sub-brand, and that’s not a bad thing. There may be more differences than the smaller model, but that’s what the S 680 is for. Given its price and location, this S 580 is a big upgrade for those who still believe sedans are cars, not SUVs. A very cool luxury. Luxury and spent the last few years in the back seat of the previous S-Class. The logical selection goes one step further.