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The Dark Web And Its Dark Theories: Things To Take Care Of!



Dark Web

The dark web and its dark theories: Things to take care!

Curiosity to know everything can have its pros and cons. While there are certain things one should know about, certain things can be more tricky and risky at the same time. We are talking about the “dark web” and its mystery. As intriguing as the name sounds, it is simple to have the understanding and access of it. All that you require is the right software; let us show you the walk through of the process.

The Internet is a crazy place. You will find everyone and everything here; however, the dark web, in contrast, is an unregulated space that is also equipped with illegal activities and illicit content, which can be disturbing. It can also impact you mentally, even if you are not involved in illegal activities. And this is the reason why most countries have banned access to the dark web. Apart from the illicit activities that it is equipped with, spreading malware and hijacking devices is also very common and easier on the web. It can lead to data theft, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

With this said, the lawless digital frontier has more sides other than the breeding ground of organized crime and illegal content. One of the widely recognized factors of the dark web is its anonymity. Every user on the dark web can share files while being anonymous. Communication among the users without any risk of leaking IP addresses is possible on the dark web. This anonymity, however, makes it difficult to spot scams and confirm the authenticity of the information, which is a way to enable the rate of criminal activities.

The anonymity feature of the dark web is extremely helpful for people who are political activists, journalists, or for those who live with restrictive Internet to voice their opinions without bothering about their identity.

Source:Tor Browser

How to access the dark web?

You would require a TOR browser to access the dark web. “The Onion Router,” being the only browser that can connect to the dark web domains, can also browse websites the same way as chrome or firefox. At the end of the website with .com or .org, the TOR has websites ending with .onion. Likewise to its name, the browser also has layers of security to keep you private and anonymous. However, the security is provided just for the identity and does not secure from malware that can infect your device or corrupt your file if you click the malicious link.

Once you install the TOR, you can head to the dark web domain after installing the browser. The domains on the dark web are not indexed, as opposed to Bing or Google, so you would require to search for subreddits such as  r/Tor or r/onions to find them. Just be cautious of the dark web’s risk and learn about tips to stay safe while navigating through these domains.