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YouTube launches ‘Super Thanks,’ a new money-making feature for creators



YouTube has introduced a new tool called “Super Thanks,” which allows producers to earn money in unexpected ways. Users who are watching YouTube videos can utilise this feature to purchase “super thanks” to express their gratitude and support for their favourite producers.

To support its creators, YouTube has launched a fan-made Super Thanks campaign. Fans can demonstrate their support by purchasing Super Thanks, which range in price from $2 (about Rs 150) to $50. (around Rs 3,730) When a fan buys something on a video page, YouTube will generate an animated GIF with a colourful comment to show off their purchase.

Artists and spectators in 68 countries can use the capacity on PC and mobile platforms (Android and iOS). According to the company, it will have expanded to include more creators by the end of the year. 

YouTube has launched a function that allows persons under the age of to upload videos to the platform, although it isn’t available for all types of films. According to the firm, the feature is only available for films with content ID claims and videos with YouTube donating campaigns.

Super Chat and Super Stickers have been added to the “Super Thanks” app, which allows producers to earn money by sharing their material with followers. According to the firm, it’s a way for creators to keep their connections important while still making money.

YouTube: How to check if you have access to Super Thanks?

Step 1: Open YouTube Studio and log in. Click Monetisation in the left menu.

Step 2: Go to the Supers tab and click it. If this is your first visit to the Supers section, start by following the on-screen instructions. To gain access to Supers, you must be monetizing and in a qualified location.

You don’t have access to the Supers section if you don’t see it. If you see “Super Thanks” with an on/off button next to it after you’ve completed all of the instructions, you have access. 

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