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The way towards a resilient organization



A resilient organization is built on strong foundations, and can’t be shaken or brought down easily from any eternal or internal forces because of the cultural diversity, equality in judgment, and most importantly respect for everyone.

Small steps for bigger heights:

To achieve big success, a company must lay out a perfect plan, which includes achieving small and easily accessible targets. Dreaming of something big is important, but jumping straight towards it is never a wise option. Taking small steps towards a bigger goal is always advisable. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Have a plan B:

A company working on a single project is risking everything on one single boat, if it shrinks, then the whole company goes down, and at that time you’re going to need lifeboats, which is your plan B.

So, move forward with multiple projects rather than a single one, and fail-safe’s built into each project.

Diversity should be welcomed:

A mixture of diverse minds comes up with more different approaches towards the problem. Bill Gates once said, “I would love to hire a lazy person because that person will find the best way to do the work with minimum effort”. This helps to understand why a company should hire more diverse people than hiring a bunch of similar minded individuals.

Never ignore people in the lower echelon:

A tree full of fruits is always bent down, and following the same philosophy a good company should always acknowledge the people who are on the lower rungs. This is because they are the ones who get the work done even if it means getting their hands dirty. Those people are arguably more dedicated and loyal towards the company rather than the ones who give orders from high up the company hierarchy.

Transparent flow of communication:

A group of honest and loyal people working together are likely to achieve the target more effectively and efficiently. To achieve that the flow of communication between different levels has to be smooth, and if there is any chaos at any level then it should be transparent so that responsible members can investigate and course correct easily.

Even after achieving a certain level of success, one should not stop trying to build resilience into the company framework, because it can reduce future shocks and sustain present successes.

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