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2nd Annual Edition of Most Preferred Workplace IT & ITES

Across the globe, a wave of digital transformation is transforming the face of society and industry, with the IT and ITES sector being no exception. The quest for a workplace that prioritises human-centric values has evolved into a standard rather than an anomaly, necessitating a reconfiguration of our behaviours and work dynamics to align with this paradigm shift.

But doing so is far from straightforward, with a slew of inherent challenges to be addressed, such as:

  • Employee burnout, with 45% of the workforce fatigued by organisational changes in 2023
  • A lack of clearly defined and compelling career paths, with only 56% of organisations in 2023 doing so
  • Increased attrition rates because of a paucity of growth opportunities, with 75% of employees searching for fresh opportunities in 2023

These shifts are creating discontinuities that are asking leaders and organisations to reevaluate their understanding of the workplace, and all that it entails, in addition to chalking up fresh growth strategies that reflect these modern-day imperatives and conundrums.

Daunting though it may be, a clutch of organisations have picked up the gauntlet and redrawn their human capital practices to navigate this new socio-economic reality. These are the paragons recognised as crafting the Most Preferred Workplace 2023-24 in the IT/ITES sector.

This research-driven industry-centric event, powered by Marksmen Daily and brought to you by Team Marksmen, will see the yeoman work of these trailblazers recognised in a fittingly celebratory tone. To better understand how these organisations spearheaded this change, there will be a series of insightful discussions featuring senior industry leaders and experts, who will speak on an array of topics, such as how to nurture employee wellbeing and address challenges around burnout, the criticality of engaging employees and crafting a culture of commitment, and the nature of talent transformation in the age of generative AI. In totality, this will paint a picture for those in attendance of how to balance the human touch with the demands of progress and innovation, and in the process offer a growth pathway that is sustainable and equitable for all.

Speaking ahead of the event, Akash Tiwari, Co-founder, Team Marksmen Network, said, “Building a culture of equity isn’t just an aspiration; it’s a strategic imperative. Today, diversity drives innovation, and inclusivity fuels growth. Organisations must be committed to creating an environment where differences are not only accepted but celebrated. Those that will be recognised as creating a Most Preferred Workplace 2023-24 have left no stone unturned to cultivate a space where everyone feels respected, empowered, and inspired to contribute their best, with diversity, equity, and inclusion at its heart. And not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it propels them towards excellence. We hope they inspire others to do likewise.”

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