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C-suite Conversations with Sam Katgara, 4th Generation Owner & Partner, Jeena & Co.



Famously media shy, getting some face time with the next leader we speak to in our #CSuiteConversations proved to be surprisingly straightforward. And much the same can be made for the calm, uncomplicated manner in which Sam Katgara, fourth generation owner and partner at Jeena & Co navigated the queries we directed his way, thoughtfully pondering his responses before putting his best foot forward. Mr. Katgara’s unhurried and thoughtful manner sees us paraphrase the words of W.H. Davies, who pensively wondered why we have no time to pause, reflect, stand, and soak in the moment. It was just one of the learnings we took away from this freewheeling conversation, and we hope it leaves you as enriched as it did us

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