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Embrace the Future of Skin Hydration with Skinfay, The Oral moisturizer




Today, while the understanding of moisturizer is topical application like gel, cream or lotion, Skinfay, a leading name in skincare innovation, is proud to announce a groundbreaking shift in the world of moisturization – introducing Skinfay Capsule, a revolutionary oral moisturizer. The Skinfay range offers comprehensive 360-degree care in moisturization.

In the quest for radiant, hydrated skin, we often rely on topical moisturizers. But now, theres a game-changer: Skinfay Capsule brings you the power of oral moisturization, taking hydration to a whole new level.

At Adroit, we are always pushing the boundaries of skincare with innovative products, and Skinfay is a shining example of our commitment to excellence. Skinfay stands as the only oral moisturizer in the market that offers head-to-toe moisturization, a breakthrough in skincare like no other. We take immense pride in being the pioneer of this revolutionary product, showcasing our dedication to bringing cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Skinfay being as superior option in moisturizers, shift from topical to oral moisturizer is crucial” – Mr. Sushant Raorane, Co-founder & Director, Adroit Biomed Ltd.

Skinfay Capsule: The Only Oral Moisturizer

Shift from Topical Moisturizer to Oral Moisturizer

Unlike traditional topical moisturizers that provide temporary relief, Skinfay Capsule (The Only Oral Moisturizer) works from within. Its advanced patented DGDG formula enhances ceramide content in the skin, maintaining moisture levels and strengthening the protective barrier function of the stratum corneum. This unique approach ensures long-lasting hydration and nurtures your skin from head to toe. This Oral moisturizer is also available in syrup form specially crafted for pediatric patients.

Discover the Benefits:

Hassle free Hydration

Experience hassle-free hydration like never before with Skinfay! Our innovative products have been crafted to provide you with effortless and effective moisturization. Say goodbye to the troubles of dry skin and welcome a new era of skin hydration. No application needed, only one capsule is all it takes to experience the magic of well-nourished skin. Embrace the ease of Skinfays hassle-free hydration and unlock the true potential of your skin.


Discover the convenience of skincare with Skinfay! Our products are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, making it easier than ever to achieve hydrated, nourished skin. The capsule is convenient to carry, and with one capsule, you can hydrate your whole body, saving you time and effort. Experience the joy of effortless moisturization and embrace the simplicity of convenience with Skinfay. Your skin will thank you for the care and ease it deserves.

Head to Toe Moisturization

Experience the magic of head-to-toe moisturization with Skinfay! Our comprehensive range of products is specially formulated to provide complete hydration, leaving no part of your skin untouched. From your delicate facial area to your often-neglected feet, Skinfay ensures every inch of your skin receives the nourishment it deserves. Say hello to beautifully moisturized skin from head to toe with Skinfays head-to-toe moisturization solutions. Embrace the power of all-around hydration and discover the radiance that comes with a balanced, well-nourished skin.

Time Saviour

Skinfay is your ultimate time savior when it comes to skincare! Our products are designed to work efficiently and effectively, saving you precious time in your busy schedule. The capsule is convenient to carry, and with just one capsule, you can hydrate your whole body, making it a true time-saver. Say goodbye to lengthy skincare routines and hello to the time-saving magic of Skinfay. Experience the convenience of time-efficient skincare without compromising on quality and results. Let Skinfay be your time savior, and reclaim your time for what truly matters.

Dermatologists Approve: Dont just take our word for it! Dermatologists across the country have given their seal of approval after witnessing the remarkable benefits of Skinfay Capsule on their patients.

Dr. Anil Ganjoo from Delhi: “Skinfay Capsule is easy to control the dryness specifically of Atopic Dermatitis patient & easily win them of from corticosteroids topically & orally both.”

Dr. Dilip Shah from Pune: “I have been using Skinfay Capsule (The Only Oral Moisturizer) for 3- 4 years & all my patients are extremely happy.”

Dr. Rekha Singh from Hyderabad: “Many times we are tied up because we cannot give calcineurin inhibitors for long time or because of larger surface area where we cannot use topical applications. Oral moisturizer definitely helps to bringing down the disease burden.”

Dr. Pravin Banodkar from Mumbai: “Oral ceramosides are plant derivative. This are safe & not having any side effects and they help in retaining the moisture of the skin.

Experience Skinfay A for Inflammatory Conditions

In addition to its outstanding moisturizing benefits, Skinfay Capsule also offers Skinfay A – a specialized variant designed with the novel molecule Alyvium from Spain to address inflammatory skin conditions like Psoriasis and dermatitis. With its unique blend of ingredients, Skinfay A provides soothing relief and supports skin recovery for those with specific skin concerns, making it an ideal choice for individuals dealing with Psoriasis and dermatitis. Embrace the transformative power of Skinfay A and experience a journey towards healthier, balanced skin, even in the face of challenging skin conditions.

Embrace the future of skincare with Skinfay Capsule and revolutionize the way you hydrate your skin. Dont miss out on this game-changing innovation! To know more about Skinfay Capsule and its incredible benefits, visit our website


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