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ITC Foods and LG Electronics India Join Forces to Transform Cooking and Simplify Consumer Life




LG Charcoal Healthy Ovens offer the convenience of cooking ITC Master Chef Frozen and Kitchens of India (RTE) foods at the touch of a button

LG Electronics, India’s leading consumer durables company, proudly announces a strategic partnership with ITC Foods, one of the fastest growing branded packaged foods business in India, to redefine cooking experience for consumers in the country. As part of the partnership, 2 new microwave ovens are announced with ‘Scan to Cook’ feature. This will bring together LGs expertise in home appliances and ITC Foods excellence to create a seamless and intuitive cooking environment, making life simpler for consumers. Currently 2 models of microwave are introduced & 7 more models will be introduced by festive season.

By combining LGs state-of-the-art microwave technology with ITCs expertise in frozen and ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, this collaboration aims to simplify the cooking process while delivering delicious and nutritious snacks/meals. With LGs innovative microwave solutions, smart features and precise controls, consumers will be able to effortlessly prepare their preferred meal while retaining exceptional taste and texture.

Commenting on the launch, Hyoung Subji – Director- Home Appliances & Air Conditioners at LG Electronics said, “LG Electronics is excited to join hands with ITC Foods in our endeavour to revolutionize cooking with smart microwaves in India. With LGs focus on making cooking smarter and the collaborative efforts of LG and ITC, we are determined to enhance the culinary experience of our customers. We are confident that this partnership will make the lives of consumers simpler than ever before, enabling them to create gourmet-quality meals with ease. Our smart range of Microwaves with Scan to cook feature will simplify lives. This range is also equipped with 401 Auto Cook Menu, pre-set recipes are integrated with ThinQ App. We have a team of 100+ on ground chef providing live cooking demonstrations to customers so that more & more consumers can use this technology.”

Speaking on the collaboration Ashu Phakey, Vice President and Business Head – Frozen and Fresh Foods at ITC Limited stated, “We have always been committed to elevating the culinary experience of our customers through our innovative product offerings. We are thrilled to partner with LG, a brand renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovation. Combining ITC Master Chef’s and Kitchens of India product portfolio with LG’s advanced microwave technology, we aim to revolutionize the way people cook and enjoy their snack and meals. This collaboration will bring in a new level of convenience, experience and delight to consumers across the country. Further, with LG’s extensive distribution network we hope to scale up our reach and offer our choicest range of frozen veg and non veg snacks and meals like burger patties, kebabs, nuggets, fries and more to our consumers.

The LG Charcoal Healthy Ovens are wi-fi enabled by LG ThinQ App that brings one the convenience of cooking ITC Master Chef Frozen or its RTE foods now at the touch of a button. It’s a very simple process – Step 1- The consumer can scan the barcode on the ITC Master Chef frozen food packet using the LG ThinQ app. Step 2- User can send ThinQ recommended cooking instruction to the connected oven without manual intervention with MWO buttons to select time, mode, temperature, etc.

Microwave ovens comes in 32 L and 28 L and are equipped with unparalleled features. With the Charcoal range, LG introduces the Healthy Heart Autocook Menu, a collection of thirty heart-friendly recipes certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India. For health conscious people LG MWO is equipped with Diet Fry feature which helps in preparing the dishes with upto 88% less use of oil. The range is developed based on Indian insights enabling to cook Indian gravies, snacks, Ghee, Pasteurize milk, breads, etc with ease.

Temperature control capabilities have been enhanced, allowing users to cook a wide variety of dishes that were previously challenging to prepare in a microwave. The seamless stream of cooking power preserves the original flavours and textures of the food, ensuring a satisfying cooking experience.

The integration of LGs smart microwave technology with ITC Master Chef Frozen Foods & Ready to Eat Foods will provide users with pre-programmed cooking options, intuitive controls, and optimal temperature settings, resulting in consistently cooked snacks/meals every time. This seamless combination will empower consumers to create delicious, hassle-free dishes, while also offering the flexibility to experiment with their own food creations.

About LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. (LG Electronics), a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics Inc, South Korea was established in January 1997 in India. It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics – Home Entertainment, home appliances*, HVAC, IT hardware. In India, LG Electronics has earned a premium brand positioning and is an acknowledged trendsetter in the industry. LGEILs manufacturing unit at Greater Noida is one of the most eco-friendly units among all LG manufacturing plants in the world. The second Greenfield facility is located at Ranjangaon; Pune which manufacture LED TVs, air conditioners, commercial air conditioning systems, washing machines, refrigerators, and monitors.

*Home Appliances include- Refrigerator, Washing Machine, AC, Water purifier, Microwave, Fan, Dishwasher & Air purifier.

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