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The 5 pillars of a high-performance workplace




At Johnson Controls India, finding purpose in work is a journey, and it is a journey that is well worth taking. Rooted in innovation, the company’s passion is to build smarter, healthier, and more sustainable tomorrows. They believe when employees find purpose in their work, they will be more engaged, effective, proud and satisfied.

Johnson Controls is committed to creating a safe, supportive and engaging environment for all employees. This is demonstrated through their diversity, equity and inclusion mission to empower every employee to take an active role in creating a culture that values uniqueness, celebrates creativity and drives innovation.

Johnson Controls has long understood the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and that commitment starts with their values. Leading with integrity and purpose, the high-performance culture ensures that employees are engaged and feel a sense of belonging. It is present in everything the company does – from hosting listening sessions that encourage honest, courageous and authentic conversations to Johnson Controls’ equity principles that ensure all employees have the access to opportunities, resources and support they need to succeed. Leadership is moving diversity and inclusion beyond a foundational value to a business imperative resulting in a rich culture of belonging that drives the right mindset and behaviours, unlocks engagement, accelerates productivity and fosters innovation leading to exceptional customer outcomes.

The employee value proposition has been established to drive engagement and retention, as well as to attract industry’s best talent by identifying what makes Johnson Controls a vibrant, supportive and rewarding place to work. Fuelling personal growth, thriving in an empowering company culture, tapping into a wide range of wellness benefits, driving innovative solutions, and making a difference are the five pillars at the heart of the company’s value proposition.

Employee Engagement and Ownership

Johnson Controls gives importance to finding purpose in their work and is committed to identifying what matters most to their employees in order to create inclusive, personalized and meaningful experiences. For example, Your Voice, an intelligent, modern listening program, empowers employees to provide continuous, candid feedback that inspires local efforts, real-time action and positive change to enhance the employee experience.  Programs like this provide platforms for sharing ideas and concerns, and encourage employees to own their journey at Johnson Controls.

Total Well-being

The company acknowledges that fulfilling work goes beyond the professional sphere. A variety of employee benefits, well-being programs and wellness resources are available to promote a harmonious work-life balance and support employees’ physical, mental, social, and financial well-being. They operate on the belief that when employees are happy and healthy, they are better able to find purpose in their work.

Creating a Purpose-Driven Environment

The company creates a purpose-driven environment by aligning employees’ work with the company’s mission and values, providing opportunities for employees to contribute to projects that they are passionate about. When employees feel like their work is making a difference, they continue to push their professional boundaries and are more motivated to contribute towards a shared sense of purpose.

Promoting Engagement

Johnson Controls’ high-performance culture and emphasis on engagement and appreciation encourages collaboration, open dialogue and idea-sharing at all levels, exploring the spirit of innovation. They foster a culture of recognition by celebrating one another’s work, appreciating efforts that go above and beyond, and feeling valued by peers and leadership.

Supporting Growth and Well-being

Supporting growth and well-being by providing access to training and development opportunities is one of the key drivers of employee value proposition. A variety of wellness programs, such as fitness classes, stress management workshops, and financial planning seminars are conducted.

Johnson Controls believes that by creating a purpose-driven environment, fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, prioritizing engagement, and supporting growth and well-being, the company is empowering employees to build their best futures at Johnson Controls.

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