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Aditya Khemka, MD, CP PLUS

Aditya Khemka, MD, CP PLUS, elucidates how the brand has devised solutions by leveraging progressive technologies and breakthrough innovations

Our topmost priority is to establish a dedicated R&D Hub in India that caters to all the varied surveillance requirements locally within the country. We have investments in place to develop Hardware, Firmware, AI-Analytics, and Cloud Services, where we will be focusing on all the different verticals with the aim of automating the entire surveillance processes not just for industrial surveillance but for home security as well. Recognizing the huge growth potential in the home security segment, we are flooding the market with more and more consumer-focused products and further integrating IOT solutions with cloud-based services to store video data to do AI analytics and to provide system health status, etc.

No doubt, emerging technologies have immense potential to generate exceptional growth in many segments and CP PLUS is eager to capture value by investing heavily in the implementation of both AI and IoT in more and more solutions.

We are in the race of making products and services more accessible to individuals who struggle to utilize them. And these upcoming technologies are enabling people with unimagined benefits and providing useful solutions, all to improve the quality of life manifolds. And at CP PLUS, we are already witnessing the increased pace of digitalization, along with technology integration including AI and IoT. This is expediting the transformation and bringing in greater results, enabling us to create better customer value.

Assisted by these technologies, certain industries like surveillance and electronic security are reflecting the possibility of catapulting into a game-changer for the Indian economy in the years to come. These new-age technologies will be giving India a chance to carve itself a unique identity as a global hub for advanced solutions.

The key factor here is that we take a pivotal role to leverage this huge potential of emerging technologies to our advantage, which requires India-made components and raw materials. And through expanding its investment to produce CCTV–aligned components locally in India, CP PLUS aims to take India to the frontier of the global platform to capture a bigger percentage of the world market.

Like ours, companies that are focused on digital transformations through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies will be leading the way as we are also well-prepared to not just deal with future shocks but also to keep catering to the varied and changing requirements of the world. Recognizing that it is imperative to India’s economy, CP PLUS has been steadily increasing its contribution towards the research and development of AI & IoT powered as well as cloud-based solutions.

Cloud computing has encouraged flexibility and growth, reduced operating costs, and made operations for employers and customers simpler and more seamless. The advent of futuristic and data-driven technologies has essentially helped corporations to cut down on manual time-consuming operations allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks. The potential for transformation is huge, as the cloud allows companies to go beyond what was possible earlier. Not just surveillance and IT, but many sectors can benefit heavily from such proactive technology-led approaches.

Investing in technology means investing in innovation and we humans cannot have a world without innovation. In this globalizing world economy, the reason for differences in economic growth and inter-country income inequality is explained on the grounds of technological differences alone. The application of technology reduces costs and enhances productivity gains. Countries that have been able to disseminate technology and information to all areas of society are creating new areas of employment for their citizens.

And the coming decade will no doubt be even more information technology-driven and India, being at the center of global attraction, is considered a knowledge powerhouse. Considering both IT and IoT, investment is imperative for any organization to increase productivity, ease of doing business, and to grow efficiently and economically in this competitive world. And CP PLUS devotedly invests right back into R&D to generate new knowledge, create new jobs, develop new solutions, ensure sustained economic and national security, and improve the quality of life.

If technological advancement ceases, the growth will stop. But thanks to human vigor, the development of new technologies and new industries will never cease and it will keep driving economic growth and human progress.

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