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Key social media trends you need to know in 2023




The constant evolution of social media is the one constant we can rely on.

This year, relatability was more crucial than ever, and authenticity was in. As the year 2023 draws near, it is time to focus on all the new changes to the social media landscape it will bring. Genuineness reigns supreme as customers push for authenticity, community, and immersive experiences. 2023 anticipates an even greater move toward community-led content and uniqueness. This is due to new platforms as well as a greater emphasis on authentic and multi-sensory content.

Here are eight of the most intriguing social media trends that we believe will make a huge splash for brands and companies in 2023.

Trend 1: A Scale in Social Audio
The significance of audio in social media is fast evolving as more social media platforms shift toward video-based content even as gaming has become increasingly popular around the world. Twitter offers voice tweets and Twitter Spaces, while Facebook offers soundbites as reaction tools. There are audio events on LinkedIn. As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to develop a social media plan that makes the most of social audio.

Trend 2: Gaming flourishes with new opportunities
The year 2023 will bring a wealth of exciting new prospects for brands and enterprises in the gaming industry, while social media platforms are tried and true advertising channels. Additionally, a lot of IT firms and well-known brands are increasing their gaming spending. Furthermore, high-end fashion brands continue to employ gaming to engage the public and blur the lines between the virtual and the real worlds.

Trend 3: Interaction over engagement
Engagement used to be the hottest topic in social media marketing. However, the environment of today goes beyond simple remarks, likes, and shares. Instead, interaction is given priority in the new social media algorithm. This entails an authentic two-way dialogue between businesses and fans via a range of tools, including video duets and Instagram’s polls, Q&As, and quizzes.

Trend 4: Personalization
The modern customer is demonstrating a greater preference for personalisation, seeking to engage with firms that are aware of their specific needs and seeing content that feels relevant to them. According to a recent McKinsey & Company study, consumers now demand 71% more individualised interactions from businesses, and 76% find it frustrating when they don’t get them. All of this relates to the strong emphasis on interpersonal connection that will be placed on social media in 2023.

Trend 5: The rise of Augmented & Virtual Reality
It wouldn’t be 2023 if we didn’t mention one of the biggest tech trends of the moment: Augmented and Virtual Reality. Although Augmented Reality (AR) is still lagging behind Virtual Reality (VR), you should anticipate it to gradually reach end users with Mark Zuckerberg and Meta’s full support. Even if it might be too soon for a small business to commit to using VR
as a social media marketing tool, it’s crucial to understand that it is a developing trend with enormous potential in the years to come. Consider ways to use AR and VR in the future, such as by exhibiting a product in 3D or developing your own social media filter, if your audience appears to be interested in this kind of technology.

Trend 6: Bite size content and video will continue to dominate.
Most of the material you will find online is expected to be video content in the upcoming years. According to Wyzowl Research, 86% of companies are already employing video as a marketing tool, this projection is pertinent. The focus will be on bite-sized and short-form material, though. The same research goes on to indicate that the majority of consumers prefer to watch a brief video to learn more about a product or service, which makes them great tools for marketing and teaching in addition to perhaps increasing audience engagement.

The average human attention span is currently 8.25 seconds, so brands can still drive engagement even with today’s audience’s shorter attention spans by using bite-sized content like short-form videos.

This does not, however, imply that brands should sacrifice quality while producing short-sized content. High-quality content, even if long-form, still has the ability to stand out from the crowd and keep your audience’s interest.

Trend 7: The Power of Human touch will stay prominent
Brands like Dove encouraged their audience to take part in their campaigns or produce their own content showcasing their brand in 2022, which helped user-generated content gain popularity. This trend is most likely to continue growing over the coming year as brands use the human touch to foster authenticity and increase engagement. As brands become more interactive, audience involvement may start to take on a more “casual” tone. Instead of the traditional meticulously manicured image that audiences are used to seeing, brands might start utilising more conversational tones or doing actions to make their image more approachable and accessible to their target demographic.

Trend 8: The environmental debate will continue, affecting how businesses work
Brands can no longer afford to ignore important social issues. The modern customer expects the businesses they support to take a position and demonstrate their concern for a range of problems, including climate change, diversity, and inclusivity. Most customers have a more favourable opinion of a brand or business when it champions a cause they believe in. Businesses need to show that they are paying attention to the broader cultural conversation and genuinely trying to change the world if they want to gain the trust of today’s social media users.

Due to the importance of social media in consumers’ lives, businesses and marketers flock to social platforms in the hopes of engaging with their target customers. The social media platform is overflowing with content, and there is tremendous competition. You can find it challenging to stand out if your social media marketing strategy is unclear. So, staying current with social media trends can improve your strategy and set you apart from the competition.