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ACKO: India’s Rising And Most Trusted Digital Insurance Company




Our USP And Trust quotient

ACKO is India’s only digital-native insurance company. By having a direct relationship with the customer, we aim to fundamentally change how a new generation of consumers interact with and experience insurance. Designed for the digital consumer, we have a seamless and convenient platform with no offline hassles. There is zero paperwork, with everything from purchase to claims and renewals being done digitally.

We provide products at a price point that is designed for the customers along with unparalleled convenience and service levels. Our effort is to offer innovative products that are tailor-made for customers and advanced services that provide seamless experience to them when purchasing products or while filing claims. Technology is the backbone of our offering. Our products are customer oriented and suitable for tech-enabled platforms.

ACKO’s differentiated go-to-market approach for auto insurance has inherent advantages over traditional channels – data-based personalised pricing and instant claim verification and settlement. In the bite sized insurance category, we have enabled high-volume transactions with automated pricing and underwriting technology that is being delivered to customers in partnership with 20+ internet companies. ACKO also intends to offer the episodic microinsurance product that is relevant for the connected economy. Our recently launched health platform offers all health related benefits from primary care to fitness to wellness to insurance in one place.

Did you know

  1. ACKO has created high volume transactions with automated pricing and underwriting technology that is being used across all our microinsurance products.
  • ACKO is also able to reduce the claim assessment drastically and can provide a settlement within 48 – 72 business hours. Sometimes even on the same day. 
  • ACKO has insured over 60+ Million unique customers and issued 800 million policies
  • Some of our major partners include Ola, Redbus, Zomato, OYO and Urban Company
  • ACKO’s Car Insurance Market Share -8 pc

From the CEO’s desk

ACKO aims to offer differentiated products like motor and health insurance policies to customers, where the end-to-end experience from purchase to claims is designed for delivering a superior digital experience. Through both these, the intent is to become a brand that people identify with innovation, superior customer experience, and service. Our vision for the future is to have the most convenient approach to insurance, across products that are effortlessly accessible and conveniently positioned for all customers – CEO’s Office