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Apple unveils exciting features at WWDC keynote



Apple unveils exciting features at WWDC keynote

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote was packed with exciting announcements, including the company’s leap into the AI landscape. With almost every major tech player diving into artificial intelligence, Apple’s entry with its own system, Apple Intelligence, is set to revolutionize how users interact with their devices. Apple Intelligence promises to integrate powerful generative models at the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, enhancing the user experience across the board. 

iOS 18: Enhanced with AI 

The upcoming iOS 18 is brimming with new AI-driven features. One standout is the ability to summarize emails and generate responses, streamlining your inbox management. The new Genmoji feature allows users to create custom emojis based on text prompts, offering a fun and personalized way to express yourself. Additionally, the AI image generator called Image Playground enables users to create unique visuals effortlessly. 

In the Photos app, AI enhancements will allow users to search for photos using natural language, making it easier to find specific images. A feature similar to Google’s Magic Eraser will let users clean up objects in the background of their pictures. The Notes and Phone apps are also getting AI-powered transcriptions and summaries, boosting productivity and organization. 

Customization and Security in iOS 18 

Beyond AI, iOS 18 introduces a more customizable Control Center and the ability to freely place app icons on the home screen. This gives users greater flexibility in organizing their devices. Additionally, a new security feature will let users lock certain apps, ensuring privacy when handing their phone to someone else. 

New Features for Apple TV Plus 

Apple TV Plus is not left out of the updates. A new feature will let users swipe down on the remote to see actors and their characters in the show or movie they’re watching. It will also display the current song playing, with an option to add it to your Apple Music playlist. In a move to enhance accessibility, Apple TV Plus will automatically show subtitles when you mute a show and will now support 21:9 projectors. 

The Long-Awaited iPad Calculator 

iPad users will finally get a native Calculator app, more than a decade after the tablet’s release. This app comes with Math Notes, a feature that lets users write equations using the Apple Pencil and have the app solve them. The new Smart Script feature uses machine learning to improve handwriting appearance and spell-check notes, making the iPad a more powerful tool for note-taking and calculations. 

Additional Upgrades 

Apple also announced a major redesign for the Photos app and a new Game Mode for iPhone that minimizes background activity to optimize gameplay. iMessage is receiving several upgrades, including the ability to schedule texts, support for SMS messaging via satellite, and colorful Tapback options. Users will also be able to bold, underline, and italicize text, adding more richness to their messages.