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CISF constable suspended for slapping MP Kangana at Chandigarh Airport 



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A CISF constable, Kulwinder Kaur, has been suspended and is facing legal action for allegedly slapping Kangana Ranaut, the MP from Mandi and a well-known actor, at Chandigarh airport. The incident occurred as Ranaut was on her way to board a flight to Delhi from Chandigarh. 

The confrontation took place at the security checkpoint, where Ranaut was being escorted. Though a video recorded by bystanders does not show the actual slap, it captures the moments leading up to and following the altercation. Kaur cited Ranaut’s controversial comments about the farmers’ protests as the trigger.  

During the nationwide agitation in 2020 against the three farm laws, Ranaut had posted on social media implying that an elderly woman at a protest site was paid ₹100 to sit there. This comment drew widespread criticism, especially from protest supporters. Kaur, whose mother was protesting, was deeply offended.  

Ranaut, known for her strong opinions against the farmers’ protests, had to delete the contentious post following backlash. She remains a polarizing figure in Indian politics and social media. 

Responding to the incident, Ranaut shared a video on her social media account detailing her version of events, claiming the guard waited for her to cross before confronting her. 

The farmers’ protests, which began in 2020, garnered significant domestic and international attention. This incident highlights tensions from the protests and the impact of social media statements on public figures’ lives. As legal proceedings unfold, the incident will likely continue to spark discussions about free speech, responsibility, and societal divisions in India.