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Police drive SUV into AIIMS ward to arrest suspect 



Police drive SUV into AIIMS ward to arrest suspect

In a scene similar to an action movie, police made a dramatic entry into a crowded hospital to apprehend a suspect, creating a spectacle that has since gone viral on all social media sites. This surprising display of determination unfolded at AIIMS Rishikesh, where police drove an SUV into the emergency ward to arrest a nursing officer accused of sexually harassing a woman doctor. 

The 26-second clip, widely shared on social media, captures the intensity of the moment. The police car navigates through the bustling emergency ward, with patients lined up on either side. In the video security personnel are seen hastily clearing the path, moving stretchers to make way for the speeding vehicle. Inside the SUV, several police officers are visible, that justifies their mission is clear and urgent. 

The accused, Satish Kumar, allegedly sexually harassed a woman doctor inside an operation theatre and followed up with an obscene SMS. This incident ignited outrage among the hospital’s medical staff. Shankar Singh Bisht, a Rishikesh police officer, confirmed these details to PTI, revealing the gravity of the allegations. 

In response to the assault, doctors at AIIMS Rishikesh launched a strike, gathering outside the dean’s office to demand the immediate dismissal of Satish Kumar. The protest was a significant show of solidarity and anger, bringing out the severity of the situation. The conspicuous doctors argued that Kumar’s suspension was insufficient punishment for his actions. 

Faced with the escalating protest, police decided to take an unconventional approach to ensure Kumar’s arrest. Another video circulating online shows a tense standoff with police officers surrounded by the protesting doctors as they escort the accused to the car.  

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about safety and justice within medical institutions. While emergency services at AIIMS Rishikesh continue to operate, the strike has emphasized the critical need for a safe working environment for healthcare professionals. The doctors’ demands for stringent action against Kumar highlight a call for accountability and protection within the healthcare system. 

This unusual and intense episode at AIIMS Rishikesh serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which law enforcement and medical professionals will go to uphold justice and safety in their institutions.