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Pertinax Solutions Celebrates 12th Anniversary with a Heart-warming Gesture



Pertinax Solutions Celebrates 12th Anniversary with a Heart-warming Gesture

Pertinax Solutions Private Limited, a distinguished security and Internet marketing software development company with ISO certification, joyfully commemorates its 12th anniversary on October 6, 2023. To celebrate this milestone, the company hosted a special event at Aangan aur Aanchal, an elderly care home located in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. This facility is dedicated to caring for underprivileged children and elderly individuals. During the event, Mr. Bipin Kumar, the Founder and CEO of Pertinax Solutions Private Limited, along with the entire Pertinax team, united to extend their support to underprivileged children. They generously provided these children with essential stationery items for their education and other much-needed supplies.

Bipin Kumar, Founder and CEO of Pertinax Solutions, with his team at Aangan aur Aanchal in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

For over a decade, Pertinax has been dedicated to delivering exceptional results, guiding businesses on the path to success and glory. With a strategic approach to e-marketing campaigns, Pertinax ensures that clients experience the best possible outcomes. Their time-tested four-stage workflow encompasses planning, designing, development, and launch, consistently yielding maximum success in various campaigns, including SEO, SMS, and email marketing. This approach is built on extensive market research, helping clients understand their products market and tailor the perfect e-marketing strategy.

Reflecting on this remarkable journey, Mr. Bipin Kumar, Founder and CEO of Pertinax Solutionsstated, “Our outstanding 12-year journey underscores our invaluable contributions to the market. We continuously deliver enhanced services that yield exceptional results. The dedication and hard work of our team are evident in our successful journey. When we founded this company, we aspired to establish it as the best in the industry, and today, as we celebrate our journey of success, we can proudly say that we have come a long way.”

In addition to the celebrations, the Founder of Aangan aur Aanchal, Sudarshana Ghildiyal, expressed gratitude, saying, “We are deeply touched by Pertinax Solutions commitment to our cause. Their support in providing stationery items and other essentials to underprivileged children will make a significant difference in their lives. This partnership exemplifies the positive impact businesses can have on local communities when they prioritize social responsibility.”

Pertinax Solutions Private Limited has consistently grown, created value, and innovated throughout its history. Their e-marketing solutions ensure maximum customer reach through a vast database of potential customers. In addition to e-marketing services, Pertinax offers website design and social media campaigns across all platforms. The journey begins with a comprehensive web analysis, forming the foundation of a robust campaign strategy.

Pertinax Solutions Private Limited continues to pioneer innovative marketing in India and remains dedicated to helping businesses thrive in a fast-growing and competitive market. With a commitment to client satisfaction and a track record of exceeding expectations, Pertinax is the ideal partner for companies looking to reach their target audience effectively.

About Pertinax Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pertinax Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi-based startup that has revolutionized marketing in India. The company was recognized as the Best Digital Marketing Company by AIAC Awards in 2014 and offers a range of value-added services to promote products. With a dedicated team of professionals specializing in software development, sales and marketing, advertising promotion, and support, Pertinax Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses seeking effective marketing solutions.

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