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Learning Matters Announces Star Educator Awards 2023: Celebrating Exceptional Educators and Transformative Educational Institutions Worldwide



Learning Matters Announces Star Educator Awards 2023: Celebrating Exceptional Educators and Transformative Educational Institutions Worldwide

Education is the cornerstone of progress and educators are the unsung heroes shaping the leaders of tomorrow. In recognition of their tireless efforts, Learning Matters – an ed-tech organisation based in Bengaluru, India – presents Star Educator Awards, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to honoring exceptional educators and educational institutions around the world who have gone above and beyond to inspire and transform the lives of their students.

Learning Matters Presents Star Educator Awards 2023

Now in its fourth year, the Star Educator Awards celebrate the profound impact educators make on society, regardless of their location or background. This initiative takes place annually to coincide with Teacher’s Day.

The initiative is unique in its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Unlike traditional awards, there is no entry fee and absolutely no charge of any type, ensuring that educators from all walks of life have an equal chance to be recognized for their remarkable contributions.

Nominations Open to All – Worldwide

Central to the ethos of the Star Educator Awards is the principle that anyone, anywhere can nominate an educator or educational institution that has touched their lives. Whether its a student, a parent, a colleague, or even a community member, the power to acknowledge exceptional educators now rests in the hands of those who have witnessed their dedication firsthand. This approach makes the awards a true celebration of the collective impact educators have on society.

Award Categories

The Star Educator Awards campaign features a diverse range of 12 award categories, each designed to recognize excellence in various aspects of education.

Excellence in Creative Teaching

Excellence in Teaching Mathematics

Excellence in Teaching Science

Excellence in Teaching Social Studies/Humanities

Excellence in Teaching Languages

Excellence in Teaching Children with Special Needs

Excellence in Promoting Physical Education

Champion of Digital Transformation

Favourite Teacher Award

Excellence in Leadership

Educational Group of the Year

Outstanding Institution

Global Recognition, Lasting Impact

The Star Educator Awards is more than just a momentary acknowledgment; it elevates the status of educators not just in their own village, town, city or state but worldwide. The recipients of these awards will receive trophies, certificates and wide recognition through social media and media coverage. Additionally, the initiative creates a platform for exceptional educators to share their experiences and best practices, fostering a collaborative community that strives for educational excellence.

How to Nominate

Nominating an educator or educational institution for the Star Educator Awards is easy. Nominations must be submitted through the official campaign website by filling out a simple form. There is no limit to the number of nominations one can submit. However, an individual can be nominated in only one award category.

Voting for Nominees

Winners are determined through a voting process, ensuring that the awards are truly democratic and reflect the peoples’ choices. Nominations can be shared easily by the nominees with their friends, family, students and community through Whatsapp and social media. This voting feature makes the initiative fun, exciting and engages entire communities to come together and support their educators!

Important Dates to Note

Last day to submit nominations: August 27

Last day to vote: September 1

Announcement of winners at online awards gala: September 4

Join the Celebration

The Star Educator Awards campaign is a call to action for everyone who knows a deserving or exceptional educator. By participating in this initiative, individuals can help bring long-overdue recognition to educators who dedicate their lives to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

For more information, please visit the official Star Educator Awards website at

Join us in celebrating the excellence, dedication, and passion of educators worldwide through the Star Educator Awards. Together, lets illuminate the path to a brighter future through education.

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