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Startup Chaupal Expands its Operations to South Asia from Singapore




Startups Chaupal is a comprehensive platform that offers integrated support for startups, guiding them from ideation to execution and funding. Over the past three years, they have collaborated with over 200 startups and hosted numerous events and workshops across India. With a robust network of global mentors and investors, they have been instrumental in fostering growth and success for early-stage founders.

Sumit Srivastawa, Founder with Krishnamani Kannan, Director, Singapore

Expanding their reach beyond India, Startups Chaupal is now ready to venture into the South Asian market, aiming to establish a strong ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs. Mr. Krishnamani Kannan, a seasoned serial entrepreneur and angel investor from Singapore, has recently joined Startup Chaupal as a partner. He expressed his admiration for the organizations grassroots-level support to early-stage startups and emphasized the need for such initiatives on a global scale. Together with the team, Mr. Kannan is excited to bring Startup Chaupals expertise to the Singapore market through multiple planned events and workshops, offering guidance and assistance to startups in the region.

Mr. Sumit Srivastawa, the Founder and CEO of Startup Chaupal, expressed his enthusiasm for working with startups worldwide, building upon their experience of collaborating with numerous Indian startups. Their goal is to establish a strong network of investors in South Asia and introduce them to promising startup opportunities. Additionally, they aim to collaborate closely with ecosystem players and startups, facilitating cross-border expansion and leveraging Indias vast market potential.

Starting their journey in Singapore in early May this year, Startup Chaupal has already begun organizing networking events and will soon host a launch event in the month of June. This event will serve as an opportunity for startups and industry stakeholders to connect, fostering collaboration and growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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