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Find Your Happy Place Presents Mood-transforming Experiential Bath and Body Ranges




In a world where work-life balance has given way to work-life integration; after-hours are spent scrolling and swiping; and vacations are an elusive affair that come by once a year, Find Your Happy Place is all set to drop a pin on your calendar for some daily me-time rituals.

Find Your Happy Place – Sunkissed Ocean Waves

Anchored in progressive fragrances, each designed to transform one’s mood, Find Your Happy Place offers a range of experiential products that calm the senses and elevate bath & body care to a daily selfcare ritual of tender, loving self-care. Each of the four launch fragrance families has been specially re-designed to appeal to Indian sensibilities – all of them rekindling a memory of one’s favourite place, person or feeling.

From soothing shower gels, deliciously creamy body lotions & body butters, gentle body scrubs & oils, uplifting hand creams and bath & foot soaks, lightly refreshing body mists, and hand-poured soy wax candles – every product in the extensive launch range is a sensory experience in a bottle. Backed by astute skin science, and incorporating naturally rich ingredients, Find Your Happy Place is 100% sulfates and paraben free, to ensure efficacy.

Find Your Happy Place – Wrapped in Your Arms

After the Rain, is reminiscent of a walk in the woods after a rainy spell. It has notes of dew drops falling gently on your skin and the damp earth beneath your feet with scents of a blooming jasmine, earthy cedarwood, lily of the valley and woody musk.

Reminding you of sea salt and water blossom, the Sunkissed Ocean Waves collection transports you to the blissful beach holiday spent watching the world pass you by from under a parasol.

Under the Starlit Sky reminds you of the time spent under a canopy of stars, picturing constellations. The fragrances herald the onset of night-time with relaxing notes of chamomile, rosemary oil, sandalwood, and tonka bean.

Wrapped In Your Arms allows you to find joy in fragrances of blush rose and raspberry, reminding you of romance and helping you relive the joy of being in love.

Commenting on the launch Pratik Ved,General Manager – Premium Beauty Unit, Unilever says, “In this post-pandemic era, the need for self-care has never been higher. Infact, our studies indicate that while women recognize the need for relaxation, there is an inherent sense of guilt that comes in when it comes to putting their well-being first. This unspoken fact was the most pertinent trigger behind our decision to present Find Your Happy Place in India. Find Your Happy Place’s simple manifesto is to act as the modern Indian woman’s resource for a daily pause. In doing so, our commitment is to continually offer them beautiful products that elevate her wellbeing and turn mundane bath & body time into a mindful self-care break.”

Find Your Happy Place is available at their exclusive web store as well as on and delivers across India.

About ‘Find Your Happy Place’

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU MADE TIME FOR YOU If you’re struggling to remember, Find Your Happy Place was made for you. The only real time you get to yourself every day is in the shower – and sometimes, that’s all you need. So, we created a collection of mood-transforming bath and body rituals that take you back to your happy place. With familiar fragrances and no nasties, each product helps you escape to a place where you can lose your worries and find your spirit, calm, joy and bliss. And yourself.

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