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Flavor Up Your Meals with Versatile and Healthy California Walnuts



Did you know that there’s a super nut sitting in your kitchen that can lend itself beautifully to the preparation of all kinds of meals We’re talking about walnuts – one of the most versatile nuts you could possibly find. You can eat them whole as a healthy snack, use them to boost the nutritional value of your meal, and even fold them into your batter to make the most decadent banana bread. Here’s how you can use this vastly versatile nut to add texture, crunch, and nutrition to your plate.

In salads

Walnuts add a wonderful crunch to all kinds of salads. You can sprinkle some in with your favorite greens or put together a delicious Waldorf salad finished with chopped California walnuts. Alternately, you can even lightly roast some walnuts and layer them in with your favorite veggies and some crumbled feta cheese. Whatever you do, remember that walnuts can definitely add texture to your salad.

In mains

Did you know that turning walnuts into a rich, creamy paste can help thicken curries and soups All you need to do is blitz together some California walnuts and some olive oil (garlic and chilies are optional) and store this paste in the refrigerator. Pop it out the next time you’re making soup, pasta or curry and let it act as an excellent thickening agent. You can also create a tomato-based sauce using walnuts, use it as a meat substitute to make your favorite dishes, or create a lovely, crunchy crust of California walnuts on fish of your choice.

Walnut Paneer Pasanda

As a snack

Snacking isn’t bad – not when you do it right! In fact, eating good, unsaturated fats such as those found in walnuts has been shown to provide health benefits. So, by snacking on walnuts, you might be able to add some important nutrients to your diet. A handful of walnuts makes for a healthy snack and also keeps you full between meals. To spice things up, you can lightly roast your walnuts and sprinkle them with the masala of your choice.

In dessert

The usage of walnuts in baked goods is absolutely legendary. Think of banana bread or chocolate brownies, and you’re going to instantly think of walnuts. They add bite to any dessert, and more importantly, they pair really well with chocolate. To satiate a quick sugar craving, dip your California walnuts in some melted chocolate and refrigerate them before serving. If you’re eating healthy, just whip up some honey walnut bars and indulge consciously.

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Walnut Bar

So, whether it’s a craving for something sweet or a desire for a savory meal, you now know that you can always rely on walnuts to brighten up your plate and indulge your palate.

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