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3 things you need to do to succeed in a post-pixel world




We are transitioning to a post-pixel world. This move, dubbed the cookie apocalypse by some, has offered enterprises with the potential to significantly transform how they operate, particularly as direct-to-consumer brands. After all, direct-to-consumer businesses rely on individual sales. How will you build a go-to-market plan in the absence of cookies, which provide vital insights into targeted consumers?

Here are three things that successful subscription and e-commerce businesses are doing to succeed in the post-pixel era.


Come up with creative ways to gain data

For brands, the cookie apocalypse is a major problem. After all, they’re conducting social media marketing campaigns and have no idea what their conversion rates are.


Brands must return to old-school approaches to overcome this challenge. Create survey questions to ask your consumers after they’ve made a purchase. After they’ve checked out, inquire about how they learned about your company and why they chose that specific product.

Don’t overlook the value of first-party data. From the first point of interaction with the consumer through the check-out process, look for methods to add profile questions. That will provide you with the tools you need to dig deep into your customer’s buying process.

Stop relying on email

Finding innovative ways to connect out to your customers is the first step in understanding their preferences. It’s time for e-commerce and subscription-based businesses to go beyond email. SMS and text message marketing initiatives have a far wider reach and are a more effective technique of reaching out to your target demographic. 

SMS open rates are as high as 98 percent, compared to the usual 20 percent for emails, according to research. As a result, prioritize text messaging as a means of interacting with your audience. However, be clever about it and fine-tune your messaging such that the risk is worthwhile.

Social media is another tried-and-true — and ever-evolving — strategy. You can grow an audience organically on social media in ways you couldn’t before. Make use of social media to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and the “why” behind what you do.

So many consumer brands are pivoting toward a subscription model because it prioritizes customer relationships. Amazon can’t build a relationship with a customer because it sells millions of products. But consumer brands have the opportunity to build an experience, focused on interaction and engagement that connects to their clients.

To start with, review your customer service model. Make sure you have an immaculate customer experience that a consumer can’t get anywhere else. Then, think about the types of content you curate for your customer. What is of value to them? What specials can you offer?

Continue to prioritize the relationship above all else. Know how much it costs to acquire a customer and how much each customer is worth. Dive deep into the quality of your subscribers and focus on retention tactics to keep them loyal.

The internet has opened up a whole new universe of possibilities. Pay attention not only to your own but also to the experiences of others’ customers. Examine how brands you admire display themselves on social media. So, what exactly are they saying? How do they respond to their clientele? Using this strategy can help you affect your customers’ experiences and pay off in the long term. Subscription-based models allow you to contact your consumers regularly, learn about their preferences, and communicate with them in a personalised and meaningful way. You’ll make a fan for life if you build that kind of devotion and trust (which doesn’t come from a one-time transaction).

How to execute plans in a post-pixel world

The news regarding cookies heralds a significant shift in how many businesses go to market. It does not, however, have to alter your larger business ideas.

Begin with the basics, determining your company’s goals and vision. People who share your enthusiasm should be hired. If the folks behind the scenes are satisfied, you can only have a fantastic customer relationship. Isn’t it true that teamwork makes the dream come true?

Finally, make sure you create a plan that you can follow through with. Ideas are inexpensive, but implementation is crucial. Maintain a laser-like concentration on your objectives and conduct regular check-ins to guarantee progress.

In the end, the most successful e-commerce and subscription-based businesses will prioritise the client relationship. This will enable them to pivot regardless of when the next major technological change occurs.