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3 major ways AI is impacting the real world




We now live in a time when citizens, businesses, and governments all around the world are facing significant challenges. Technology can play a critical role in assisting innovation and pioneering solutions in this area. Advancements in AI are required for cutting-edge technologies such as driverless vehicles, natural language processing, and quantum computing. Let’s take a look at how these changes will affect the socioeconomic landscape.

AI and vaccine development

Until recently, developing a new vaccine may take decades in some situations. In March 2020, human testing on vaccines to combat Covid-19 were already underway. Shortly, the use of AI in vaccine development could have game-changing ramifications. To combat the growing COVID-19 variations, a research team has built a new AI model. This AI model can also predict the future.

The advent of Robo-taxis and fully automated driving

By 2020, self-driving cars and Robo-taxi services will be widespread. In the United States, companies such as Uber and Lyft have already introduced autonomous taxi services. Commercial autonomous car trials have been set up in countries such as the United Kingdom. Testing of driverless Robo-taxis will be expanded in Israel, China, the United States, and Europe. Baidu is about to make a big announcement.

AI and the Internet of Things

Many existing technology advancements are complemented by AI, which expands their potential. It’s no different from the Internet of Things. Consumers and organisations alike can profit from the use of IoT and AI. Personalized, proactive interventions and supply chain visibility are among them. User patterns in interactions can be tracked, recorded, and observed using IoT. This consumer data can be used by AI to improve customer experiences.

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