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Buxwaha: When corporate greed misses the forest for the trees




It is believed that there is a huge stock of diamonds in the forests of Buxwaha, with nearly 34.4 million carat diamonds believed to be buried here estimated to be worth several thousand crores of rupees.

The private company which has shown keen interest in taking up diamond mining has demanded nearly 382 hectares of land in the area. If this happens, 2.5 lakh trees in this area will be cut down. Located near Chattarpur district in Madhya Pradesh, it is home to many animals and more than 9000 humans.

Oxygen or Diamonds

People of all classes and age groups have come forward to join the campaign to save the Buxwaha forests and are trying to give the message that they will not allow the forests to be destroyed.

Many campaigns like #SaveBuxwahaForest campaign is making us recall the aim of Chipko Andolan that began in 1974. That was a women-led protest but this time everyone including small kids has come forward. The voice of more than one lakh people to save the Buxwaha forest is getting stronger each day.

We need to look at the condition of the world right now and decide accordingly which is more important: diamonds or trees?

Is it wise to take this step when many people are ready to give away their diamonds for a cylinder of oxygen?We all know the answer, and we all need to be united on this. Because only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we can not eat money.

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